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Hi! I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself.

I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of 14 months, but in actuality I had it when I was born. My mom and dad knew right away that something was wrong, but the doctors didn’t know at the time that I did have cerebral palsy from birth. When they finally diagnosed me they told my mom that I would never be able to do many things like my siblings could do…like holding my head up or feeding myself. I can do both. They did get some things right though, I was never able to walk.

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January 8, 2021

I wanted to give a quick update on my journey. My transportation story was on the local news. I was so touched by the outpouring of support from those in my community and I wanted to say thank you! I’m so grateful for the community in which I live.

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September 17, 2021

Joke of the month: As a scarecrow, people say I'm outstanding in my field. But Hay, it's in my jeans. Keep up the good work. Luv you Lindsey and hope you're doing well. :)


June 26, 2021

Congratulation Lindsey on getting your AA Degree in Early Childhood Education. God Bless

Toreka Faailoga

June 26, 2021

What do you call an animal you keep in your car? A carpet. HA! Luv ya...


June 15, 2021

Hi Lindsey, I wondered if you placed this information within your Latter Day Saints group to view lately. When I tried to get on today the website wouldn't bring up your information and the site said they had some kind of outage so it might be worth advertising the site again to whom ever you want to reach out to. I'm going to work on this as well as I have this bookmarked. I know your train ride was difficult please run a search on "Amtrak wheelchair access issues" on the internet for perhaps some helpful information from the Department of Justice. Love you and you know your Colorado family loves you! You amaze us coming out here to visit and your auntie was so happy to see you as was I. Love Doni

Doni O\'Rourke