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Family and friends, as most of you know I have just undergone a kidney transplant (6/23/21). I had been struggling with ESRD during a pandemic and was advised by my doctor’s and mentors (other kidney disease survivors) to step away from my job.

My wonderful husband is my donor and while I am so glad he has been able to save my life, the financial strain that comes with us both being down and out in addition to needing very expensive medications for the rest of my life, is stressful. He has the role of not only donor but full time caretaker as soon as he is back on his feet.

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August 9, 2021

Post Op by 6 1/2 weeks: We have been home for just over a week and while I am so happy to be back it makes not being able to do the things that need doing extra frustrating! The nerves in my abdomen are still burning. I am reminding myself that these things take time each day.

July 17, 2021

As you all can see I have officially been approved for a HelpHopeLive campaign! this particular organization helps out so many transplant patients and people suffering with major life changing injuries. All donations are tax deductible and do not interfere with existing insurance eligibility.

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August 9, 2021

I love you so much Lexi !

Judith Pullins

August 9, 2021

I love you so much

Judith McGuire