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Hi am Thomas, I am writing to all of you.

Back when I was 2 1/2 years old I had a cancerous tumor called wilhms tumor. That then in 1957 this was a death sentence. :Lucklily a young sergoeon dr. Greene was able to remove my right kidney (which was engulfed by the tumor) and with radical radiation rid me of any cancer. Overd many years of stress, high blood pressure and in later life dianbetes all took a toll on my remaining left kidney.. Since 2019 I have been doing dialysis which
is now five times a week at home. Portland Transplant (Maine Medical Center) just put put on the transplant list and I am looking for a donor. Anybody at all interested in being a donor go online at “” to register. Any future tests are no charge to you. For those who would like to make a monetary donation look for the share icons for Facebook and Twitter under the gold GIVE button. Thank you for your time and prayers.

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