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Help Mike Get Back to What He Loves – Helping the Community

Mike Wyss has suffered from athetoid cerebral palsy since birth. He has learned to persevere, despite his disability. He has led a fulfilling life and achieved many goals from graduating high school, attending college, working, and volunteering with the American Red Cross. He was fortunate enough to have Habitat for Humanity build his home which he now proudly owns.
Over the years, cerebral palsy has taken a toll on his body and he has grown progressively weaker. He is now wheelchair bound. He relies on his attendant and friends to help him perform his activities of daily living. He now has severe leg weakness, and he struggles to get in and out of the car. Mike also has had several falls while getting into the car which is dangerous for him as well as his attendant. The use of a wheelchair accessible van will allow him to drive his wheelchair into the van safely and eliminate the risk of falls. He has lost some of his independence and his ability to attend doctor appointments, visit friends, do his own shopping and to attend community functions and meetings.
Mike would like to have access to this vehicle to help him in staying active in the community. Mike has served for 16 years on the Mayor’s Committee on People with Disabilities. He has spent 3 years on Fort Worth Human Relations Commission. He also works with the city of Fort Worth ADA Coordinator by going out into the community to inspect complaints from the citizens of Fort Worth. He has not been able to take part in these committees as much as in the past due to his lack of transportation. He enjoys and is proud of the work he does for the city and would like to return to these functions.
Donations to Help Hope Live could help ease the financial burden Mike faces in obtaining a wheelchair accessible vehicle. He currently lives off, of his social security check and does not have much excess money to rent a wheelchair accessible vehicle. Mike would appreciate aid so that he can be more mobile and independent which will allow him to help others in the community.
If Mike were to have this wheelchair accessible vehicle, it would allow him to attend meetings, community events, doctor appointments and reconnect with friends he has known over the years. This would give him an opportunity to have more independence and to be involved in work that he feels called to do for his community.

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January 29, 2021

Last year I went to my 40th High School Reunion.

For most people they can jump in their car and go, for me it takes a little bit longer. My friend Jeff rented a small U-Haul Trailer so we could bring my power wheelchair.

This is what it takes to get in the truck I need a step stool to get in, this takes about 3 or 4mins. then Jeff moves the wheelchair to the back of the trailer and put out the ramps down then drive the wheelchair into the trailer then Jeff uses 4 ratchet tie downs, this takes about 15 to 20mins. after 23 or 25mins. we where ready to make the 2 and half hour drive and hopefully I don’t need to a pit stop. When I was ready to go back Jeff had to do the same thing all over again.

With an Accessible Van that has a EZ lock system, all I have to is open the side door roll in then turn and with a bolt under my wheelchair go over the the EZ lock to lock myself down, taken all around 3mins.

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January 18, 2021

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December 10, 2021

Go Mike!

Marcy Sanders

December 10, 2021

Happy Birthday old friend!!

Shane Brawner

December 1, 2021

Hope you make your goal!