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My Mom Jeannette would greatly benefit from your generous donation.

Jeannette’s heart condition recently became a race against time. She was in heart failure that soon became critical and it was apparent that she wound need a major Intervention in order to live long enough for a Heart Transplant. She underwent a major surgery in June 9th of this year, where she received her LVAD or as her grandkids her like to say her mechanical heart. She was still recovering finically from her LVAD surgery when December 8th she received the call everyone on the transplant list is waiting to get. They had a match. Jeannette had her heart transplant December 9th. She has a long road ahead of her and is facing significant financial hardships. She is required to live in Washington for three months where she will have medical expenses, housing expenses both at home and in Washington, travel expenses, and lifelong testing expenses that are accumulating. We are asking family, friends and the local community to join us in fundraising for the nonprofit Help Hope Live to help with critical expenses Jeannette is currently facing, including lodging where she is required to stay a minimum of 90 days after she was discharged from the hospital.

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