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Raised by an amazing single mom, Mason is one of four children of a military family. He was born with a very rare genetic illness, so rare that only a handful of cases have been found worldwide, and so serious that it has caused him to endure over forty surgeries and medical procedures — six alone since 2019 — throughout his childhood. His congenital and developmental issues have been compounded by speech and learning challenges, a severe anxiety disorder, and OCD. Doctors believe these complications have been brought on by medical trauma and amplified by his genetic syndrome. Because of this, Mason now needs advanced in-patient mental health care to help him with these new problems. Sadly, very few in-patient treatment centers are qualified — or willing — to provide mental health services he needs and also handle his complex medical conditions at the same time.

Mason loves soccer and football, fast cars and fire trucks, and skyscrapers – especially those in NYC! When he grows up he wants to be either a chef or a construction worker! He is aware of his own challenges and works hard every day to overcome them.

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January 20, 2021

Mason is such a great kid, and he tries so hard. We pray for you every night. Keep fighting!

Christopher Wogan

January 14, 2021

Love you happy to be a part of Masons journey.

Reena Friedman

January 13, 2021

We must do everything we can to help those with illnesses other than COVID 19 in these terrible days. By doing s, you are weaving the silver lining. Peace and love.

Maggie Spatarella

January 8, 2021

Much love and many prayers, Mason. Give our mom a hug from me, please.

Linda Harrison