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Danilo’s Road to Recovery

Danilo is a loving father, husband, and friend to all. In November 2015, Danilo was diagnosed with a tumor in his brain which needed to be treated as soon as possible. In December 2015, Danilo underwent surgery to remove the tumor. Unfortunately, the surgery was not successful as he suffered strokes while in surgery and was left in an immobile state. After many painful prognostics and hearing what doctors would have to say which included “he will not move again”, “he would not open his eyes”, and “he will not be the same”, Danilo has continued to go against all odds and prove them all wrong. Although Danilo is still bedridden, he is becoming stronger each day. Danilo has his full memory, he can communicate via technology which allows him to type what he wants to say, and he has the hunger to continue to get better and to be able to walk again one day.

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