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Your Help is Needed!

Our daughter Gina Inhelder Pito was in an almost fatal car accident on March 27, 2002. She sustained an incomplete spinal cord injury at T10-11, the middle portion of her spine. Gina is now in a wheelchair as a paraplegic with no use of her legs. After her accident, she spent the next 4 1/2 months in 3 different hospitals followed by a year of outpatient therapy. Since then, she has had 3 pressure sore surgeries, each requiring a 6-week hospital stay and lengthy periods of being bedridden at home to complete the healing process. Gina’s accident was life-changing for all of us!

Updates (2)

February 13, 2017

(This was also, posted on my Facebook page)

So her it is 3am as I write this with our 3year tenderly resting her head on my stomach as she sleeps and my husband is soundly asleep and exhausted on our sofa after collapsing and falling asleep from working two 18 hour shifts in a row and so so many extra hours of work this week.

And I share this because I was advise to let others know your daily struggle in not having transportation as a mom.

I don't mind doing this in being vulnerable yet in doing that I never ever want to give the impression to others that I want people to piety me or that I can't do things or especially make others feel sorry for me or guilt trip people in giving me money. That is not ever ever me! I know & have experienced- Where God guides, He provides... so no guilt trips are not needed...

But in my husband working so hard and me here taking care of Madison a lot by myself, I really don't have time to write things like this until time like this- at 3-5am when all is asleep

I have stayed awake doing this after I was awaken earlier by someone responding to my earlier text by me asking if they could help us take Madison home from preschool. I had asked this because, my husband, Matahi works late on Monday (her Preschool is at the church he works at) They couldn't since their kids will home from school due their school being out and will be home watching them. Which, I totally understand and happy for their fun times together...

Than I next opened my email and read Madison's preschool February newsletter, which I had not read until now...

There will be so many fun events happening especially this week- which will include a parent Valentine breakfast, getting our kids there way early on Wednesday for a field trip & next week is patent & teacher conferences- which I too want to be there for!- it's our very 1st parent teacher conference!!!!

Yet, with all of this exciting upcoming events happening, I don't see how I can get there due to transportation and this so hurts- unless I max out my family to see if they can possibly help us...

But even way way more than me not getting to be involved, what so breaks my heart is, I don't see how Madison will be able to go!! This is even so much harder especially when it effects our daughter!! It maybe hard but it's ok for me to miss out on things but not her!!! This is where it breaks my heart...

I comfort myself saying, what she doesn't know, she won't miss.

Now I can feel and have more compassion what other parents struggle with especially single parents- thankfully I am happily married who my loving husband is a very hard worker who works hard so I can be home with her and for her go to preschool part time for peer social interaction.

Yet with no public bus stop near us nor accessible transportation for me to use its hard on us all for me not to be able to help out and share in the load.

I was planning on working on all this fundraising work while Madison was at preschool - such as, writing updates, thank you notes to all my supporters, phone calls to my coordinator and phone calls to places where to have fundraising events at etc...

Yet, I do this one update now at 5am with my family sleeping since Madison now maybe home with me tomorrow due the transportation situation once again...

(I think it's her 4th time already this month! And we are not even half way yet!- only 13th day!)

Yet, I say Gods will be done...

This is challenging for me to share all this...

I don't mind being vulnerable with you all- this may help others in some way...

What makes it difficult is I live by the motto, Complain privately, Praise publicly.

I don't want to give you the wrong impression here- I am not complaining- I have faith God is at work here- yet I am sharing my struggle to please pray for us.

Yet we are so so appreciative to family who help us with all this!

We are never meant to struggle alone!

We all need others! So we thank you all of you.

Please know, I am Not asking for anything but prayer!

Yet, if God lays anything on your heart in ways to help... you can contact me or go to my fundraising website at and type my name in the search engine at the top and/or you can talk with my fundraising coordinator

Susann Reiher-

1 (800) 642-8399 ext 22

The biggest way you can give is prayer

Yet please help me help you - especially for our daughter Madison too..

May God bless you more than the ways you share your love to us!

We so Thank You again& again,

Gina Pito (Inhelder) & Family

December 31, 2016

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to give everyone a quick update

I am trying to raise money to get an accessible mini van so I can drive quickly and easily with especially Madison and I and my husband.

This way I along with Madison and others can not only do errands for ourselves but more importantly so I can come see all of you who have so graciously have helped us.

Yet, anytime I want to see or help you, I need to find a ride to take a car seat and wheelchair to come see you. So I quote Jerry McQuire," Please Help me, Help you"☺️

I am trying to raise $45,000.

I know that sounds like a lot but I am working with a local handicap dealership who sells new & used handicap vehicles and the dealer tried to help explain the cost of all and why it's so expensive .. it's over my head of knowledge but there is a lot to learn here...

Anyway you can help it's so appreciated!!!

If you like one more last chance for a 2016 tax write off here is one.


November 19, 2017

Still plugging away for you Gina! This donation is from my mom, Ardie Sarris, and a bit from a coin donation jar I put out for you. Hugs and love and happy Thanksgiving!!

Lori Hall

March 2, 2017

Another fundraiser donation for you Gina! Little by little, we will get you that van!


February 7, 2017

Hi, Gina! My donation is the contribution of so many who gave generously from their hearts. Know that you are being covered in prayer as well!! I will be continuing my fundraisers for you until your goal is met for your van! Love you sweet sister!!!

Lori Hall