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My name is Monique and I am a wife of 7 years and a mother of 2 girls, 20 years old and 14 years old. My kids are my life I would do anything to make sure they are okay.

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in July 2011. After being blind twice in each eye, the next major incident was vertigo in 2012. For 8 months, I had to stay at a 45 degree angle at all times and could not eat or drink. It had gotten so bad that my body started eating itself and deteriorating. I found a new Neurologist that took me from walking with a walker, to a cane, to running 5Ks! I did very well for the next 5 years until he left the practice I was attending. While trying to figure it all out, the replacement Neurologist took me off of everything and my body declined. I found a way to get back with the Neurologist that helped me before. I walked into his office with my walker crying. Because the damage that was done was irreversible, I cannot run anymore. I also now have issues walking (hence my falling all of the time) issues talking at certain times (sounding drunk with no alcohol is no, Trigeminal Neuralgia (severe facial pain and burning), and Occipital Neuralgia (severe pain and burning at the base of my skull). It has been an interesting and often times painful journey. I fill my days with my Paparazzi business when I am able to as it provides happy and peaceful time for me.My Neurologist spoke to me about HSCT (Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation) in 2019. It starts off with vigirous testing to be sure my body can do it. Once that is determined and the procedure starts, they remove some of my own stem cells, do chemotherapy for 4 days, and then put my stem cells back into my body to essentially “reboot” my immune system. Once certain blood counts are achieved, I can come back home (they will not release me from the hospital until it is safe). After reading up on it and researching, I have determined that it will prove very beneficial. Unfortunately, it is not something the medical insurances will cover for MS patients so we are stuck going overseas and paying for it ourselves. l am ready to stop this Multiple Sclerosis dead in its’ tracks.

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March 25, 2021

Through all of my other fundraisers, I have fundraised $4,655 towards my goal for May 1st.

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April 28, 2021

We are all praying for you... LOVE YOU

Quenesha Williams

April 17, 2021

Praying for you!

Alisa Riley