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April 20, 2019, started out like any other normal Saturday for Chris. He woke up early to watch cartoons with his two young sons – a weekend tradition that also allowed his wife to rest and sleep in a bit – and then he played princess dolls with his little girl, while his wife arose and prepared breakfast for the family. Being the day before Easter, he spent the rest of the morning outside to get the yard looking nice for hosting family the next day. After a sandwich lunch shared with his kids outside, he left to go to a friend’s house to pick up some mulch for the flowerbeds. He kissed his wife goodbye and said he’d be back soon. Ten minutes later, life changed forever. On that normal Saturday afternoon, a distracted driver ran Chris off the highway. His truck started flipping, and he blacked out. Upon regaining consciousness, Chris realized he was covered in blood and couldn’t feel his legs.

Chris was transported to OU Medical Center where imaging revealed a c6 spinal cord injury. Soon after, Chris realized his fingers were also paralyzed. Friends and family flooded the ER waiting room that night, and there continued to be a steady steam of visitors to see this man they loved so much during the 9 days he was hospitalized.

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June 23, 2021

I work with Ryan and have continued to keep you in my prayers. God is blessing you! I believe it!

Marsha Dewart

June 22, 2021

Praying for a wonderful outcome. Blessings Dan & Reneé Van Wormer

Dan Van Wormer

June 18, 2021

Chris, Continuing to lift you up in prayer for complete healing. So thankful for all the work God has already done towards your healing. Keep on working hard

Joni Adams