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Dear Family and Friends,

As many of you know, my mom Joanne was diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and was told she would need a life-saving lung transplant. On June 29, all of our wishes came true and she finally received the surgery that completely changed her life. My mom received the gift of life!

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February 12, 2014

Happy and healthy new year 2014.

This year my goal is Ill be joining the transplant games of America held on Houston Texas in July , from July 10th threw July 15th .I just went to sing the Houston flag &iam looking forward to this year with good health. I will be doing track, 5k, bowling , I was gong to do basketball but I think im going to pass ,lol not sure yet lmao So Itll be fun interesting & breathing life :) 19 mo ago I never pictured my life the way I see it today . I don't let nothing hold me down .Iam a survivor !!

December 21, 2013

Its been been awhile & iam still going strong .. I have come so far since my transplant , have had many bumbs in the road & beat them all :) the brooklyn bridge was my number 1 goal which ive completed the while bridge to bklyn & back to Manhattan it was great, This summer iam competing in the transplant games of america held in Houston Texas in july . I was in the hosp in nov 2013 for bronctits but iam back on track & going strong , Im even working now part time seasonal to see if i can handle it , so far iam ok bouts with colds & coughing but iam doing well thanks to my donor who is still unknown to me but I still thank him/ her every single day ..with out my donor I wouldnt be alive today , with out my children husband & family i wouldnt be as strong as i live for my kids all 4 of them <3 i want to thank everyone who stands by me threw and threw & reli under stands what transplant life is all about , I have some who think bc iam transplanted im ok they dont relize this is a new life ,one i have to be ontop of for the rest of my life & thank god everyday that i even have a life ..count your blessings everyone..things can always be worse :)

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June 1, 2013

Happy Brooklyn Bridge Walk, Joanne!

Misty, Phoenix

July 26, 2012

u know im there for u in any way.....checks on the way i love your mom shes my hero u r so lucky to have her!!!!my she live long dane smile and keep loving her life!!!!

joan comtini

July 25, 2012

hi doris thank you very much, hey Ian thanx you no me Ian im always laughing LMAO Im hanging in there doin the best I can so far so good. luv u guys xoxox

Joanne xoxo