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In July of 2006, it began with a simple toe amputation. Bobby had just gotten out of truck driving school and was excited to start his “career” as an OTR driver. He started his job and within days he was told that not only was he diabetic but that he had to have his right big toe amputated. It wasn’t long after that that things went south – quickly. By Jan of 2016, he had a Trans-metatarsal amputation. Being a diabetic, having a Trans-metatarsal amputation is very high risk and most often extremely hard to heal. Bobby stabilized until Easter of 2018. On Easter of 2018, Kristine noticed a horrible blister on the bottom of his foot. The medical staff tried to get ahead of the infection however it traveled up his leg. On May 17, 2018, Bobby had his right leg amputated below the knee. After extensive rehab and recuperation, they fitted Bobby with a prosthetic leg however due to severe arthritis in his knee, he is unable to use the prosthetic. Bobby was able to obtain a Powerchair (motorized wheelchair) to get from one place to another, getting into and out of a vehicle and navigating the house however getting the extremely heavy power wheelchair in and out of a car is virtually impossible thus rendering him housebound. Bobby longs to see his grandkids, family members, get to medical appointments and to the grocery store without the use of Uber (not to mention the financial burden of continually using Uber). Bobby’s favorite thing is to help people with any type of project they are doing. Even through all of the trials and hardships, Bobby still remains close to his church and community friends.

As you can imagine, the cost of previous surgeries, rehabilitations and other miscellaneous medical expenses have really depleted any extra funds they had. Even with insurance, the cost of a wheelchair van is out of the question. Donations to Help Hope Live will help Bobby to ease the financial burden and purchase a wheelchair van so that he may finally be able to independently go to the grocery store, doctors’ appointments and to help with different projects at church to name a few. Bobby looks forward to resuming his independence.

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