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Rebecca Aleck Koltun Needs Your Help

At age 21, due to a tragic accident, Rebecca is paralyzed from the neck down. Please help her get the spinal cord injury care and rehab she so urgently needs. ( If you want to follow Rebecca’s journey to recovery, scroll down and click “Subscribe” For information on fundraising and other activities, join our private Facebook group, Rally for Rebecca.)

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August 28, 2022

Dearest Friends and Family:

It is hard to believe that as I write this summer is almost over. Today it is cloudy in New York but we are told the sun will be coming out later this afternoon.

Rebecca has had a busy summer. This past week she went into Manhattan and saw another show.

Many people who I speak with express admiration for our family and Rebecca. It is certainly nice to hear those compliments. The bottom line is that we are just trying to live our lives and enjoy them just as anyone else would. Rebecca wants to enjoy life. We want to enjoy our lives. Rebecca must do it within the parameters of her condition. She chooses to focus on the things she can do. We do what we can do.

Come to think of it we all have parameters whether they be physical, psychological, emotional, familial or financial. We all work within those parameters

August has been a tough month for me at times. My Dad died in August and Mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer in August. Great things have also happened in August. On August 17, 2021 Rebecca was discharged from Spaulding in Boston and transferred to Glen Cove Hospital. This was a new beginning for her and for us.

Here is a toast to new beginnings. Here is a toast to moving forward as best we can.

Thank you all for your continued support and interest.

Love, Audrey, Scott Erik and Rebecca.

August 7, 2022

Dearest Friends and Family:

Rebecca has done some really fun things this summer.

She went to see the band One Republic at Jones Beach and sat pretty close to the stage. They gave out earplugs.

Last Sunday we went to a Yankee game and sat field level. The Yankees were advised of Rebecca's situation and someone from their organization reached out with tickets and passes to the Legends Restaurant. Best of all we had free parking.

Last Saturday we traveled to New Jersey for the graduation party of some close family friends. The party was terrific. The traffic on the George Washington Bridge not so much.

Last night we attended a charity event by the Over the Hill Gang where Rebecca was a beneficiary. Thank you OTHG!

Early one Sunday morning a few weeks ago I received a text from an old friend who told me it was urgent that she speak with me. I called her immediately and she told me that recently she had a session with a Medium and my parents showed up and took over her the session with all sorts of messages for me. At first I felt bad for my friend because this particular Medium is very much in demand and she had to wait close to a year to see him. Then when she goes my parents monopolize her session. Afterward I was grateful and I took comfort in her experience and in the message. Mediums by the way are not cheap. They cost more than massage therapists but less than lawyers.

The summer is flying by fast. I have not written an update in a while so I am a bit rusty.

Thank you all for your continued interest and support.

Love the Koltuns.

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September 24, 2022

Wishing the Koltun family a Happy and Healthy New Year!! ❤️

Elise Gonson

September 20, 2022

Your courage and fortitude is inspiring!

Deborah Schiff

September 17, 2022

Donate towards the Comedy Night on September 17, 2022

Ruth Simon