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Rebecca Aleck Koltun Needs Your Help

In March 2021, 21-year-old Rebecca was in a tragic skiing accident that left her paralyzed from the neck down. Please help her get the spinal cord injury care and rehab she so urgently needs. ( If you want to follow Rebecca’s journey to recovery, scroll down and click “Subscribe.” For information on fundraising and other activities, join our private Facebook group, Rally for Rebecca.)

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January 22, 2023

Dearest Friends and Family:

A Happy and Healthy New Year to all.

We continue to soldier on.

It is far from easy but the only path any of us really have is forward. While the challenges of the Koltuns are obvious we recognize that many people face difficulties whether they be mental health issues, financial trouble, sickness, phobia. The list goes on.

All I can say is we try our best.

Rebecca is very focused on filling her days with activities and plans. She enjoys spending time with friends, going to restaurants, playing Katan online and reading to just name a few of the things she is involved in. She is still painting and she very much enjoys her digital marketing class. We often go to the city with her and navigate her chair through the crazy streets of Manhattan. It is always a true sense of accomplishment when she can visit a friend in their apartment.

The winter time is more restrictive as the days are shorter and the cold air makes it difficult for her to spend any significant time outside.

Sadly, we continue to struggle with nursing and care provider issues. One would think that this would resolve itself but it does not. The nursing agency we use is woefully understaffed and we often find ourselves without coverage. This means we have to pay privately for coverage if we are lucky enough to find it. Needless to say this is also very expensive. Many of Rebecca's expenses unfortunately are not covered through insurance and while we are not destitute the amount of money spent on her daily living is high. This is why fundraising is so important to us. We continue to be grateful for all of the financial and emotional support that we receive. Raising funds for Rebecca is essential.

Going back to the nursing if anyone knows of Nurses interested in working with Rebecca then please message Audrey on Facebook or reach out to us on the HHL website.

I will end this update with a homeowner tip. If you don't have one then I highly recommend the purchase of a plumber snake- also called a toilet auger. When a plunger doesn't do the trick you will want one of these... trust me. They are less than 50 bucks and worth their weight in gold.

Love to all, The Koltuns.

November 24, 2022

Dearest Friends and Family:

      A Happy Thanksgiving to all.

      Yesterday was a special day as Audrey found the long lost table pads for our dining room table that she had been searching for. Eureka! When we had to move out of our house for the renovation, she put them under a bed. This of course is the perfect place for table pads because they are flat and slide easily. The trick is to remember they are there.

      Last Thanksgiving, we spent in an all-purpose room at Glen Cove Hospital. Rebecca was not feeling great that day but the hospital staff wheeled her bed down the hall into that room so we could all be together. This year we will be home. Clearly, we have come a long way.

      This past Sunday Rebecca went to Brunch in NYC to celebrate the birthday of some friends. I drove the van and there was minimal traffic both ways. I even managed to find a parking spot on the street.

      The past year has given us much to be thankful for. We have cultivated a life and forged a path. While it is not a life any of us asked for, we have made due. We could not have done so without the family and friends who have helped us so much every step of the way. I talk to myself extensively every day. Much of what I say is not fit for print in the update. I give myself encouragement. One of my new favorite phrases is: This is how it is...


      We are especially grateful for the financial support that Rebecca has gotten from so many of you. Without this money we would be in big trouble. Every week we write checks for hundreds and often thousands of dollars to cover expenses related to Rebecca's medical care that are not picked up by insurance.

      Someone who I met early on after Rebecca's accident and had a similar situation told me. You can only try your best every day. That holds true for all of us.

      It is now time for me to put the table pads on the table so I will sign off. Special thanks to my friend AM who suggested I do an update.

      Love to all, The Koltuns.





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January 22, 2023

Wishing you continued gains

Marilyn Greenberg

January 21, 2023

A privilege to support Rebecca and family -

alice and victor fornari

January 19, 2023

Wishing you all the best Rebecca from the Mueller family.

Nancy and John Mueller