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My husband Alvin Leon Price is a Veteran and works 20 years as a first responder he desperately, needs your help.

Some of us spend our entire career working together and helping others.
Some careers are short lived to due to folks deciding to take different paths professionally. Let me introduce you for the ones who do not know him to Alvin Leon Price Advanced EMT.

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June 25, 2021

Leon had a good day his daughter face time him and that brighten his day and also today was the first time he got to look at his phone and read all of your guys uplifting messages giving him love and support Especially his kids grandchildren ,brother and sisters and many more. I know it was hard on his family because they couldn’t be there they were hurting like I was that’s why it was important to me to keep everyone involved. Leon is much love in so many ways. With that said; I'm going to try and get some rest tonight while he is knocked out we have a big day tomorrow.

Hopefully Leon’s Intubation tube will be removed tomorrow and he can breathe on his own with his new set lungs. God blessed to you all your love and support help me though this storm,

“Thank you Heavenly Father without you this Miracle couldn’t be possible in Jesus name amen!

June 25, 2021

Leon Surgeon said that there were no complications during the surgery he will be sleep for the rest of the night and probably half the day tomorrow thank you all for your prayers and the love you have for this wonderful man. For me, I can’t wait to see him and whisper into his ear tell him I’m proud of him and I love him so much.

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