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Katlin Plemmons woke up to a day that she imagined to be another beautiful day. After climbing out of bed and walking across the room, she quickly realized something was terribly wrong. The excruciating pain from her feet radiated up her legs, and she was unable to walk. She called out in distress to her Mom, Amy. When Amy entered the room, she saw a look of confusion and pain on Katlin’s face and then looked down and saw her swollen feet. This day would be the first of many to Brenner Children’s Hospital. After several days in the hospital, her condition became worse with extreme fluid retention in her body. Upon peering at her reflection in the bathroom mirror, she was shocked at what she saw.

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January 26, 2022

GREAT News; Katlin had her Kidney transplant on Jan. 25, 2022. The kidney was a young & perfectly matched one! Katlin was all smiles going into surgery and we are so Thankful that everything went great. Her new kidney is working like a champ. She is recovering for a few days in the Hospital and then will be released to go home. Please continue with prayers for a speedy recovery. We would like to THANK all our family, friends & the supporters we may not know for All the prayers, Love, good thoughts & contributions to Kate's Campaign. We are so Grateful to everyone with sincere appreciation! God Bless you all. ❤

October 4, 2021

Katlin's kidney's completely failed on Sept 22. We went to Brenner's Childrens Hospital due to dangerously high blood pressure. She began having seizures. They moved her into the ICU and began numerous tests to determine what was going on. Tests proved what we had been dreading - her kidneys had done all they could do, she was now in "End Stage Kidney Failure". Surgery was done to place a dialysis port in her chest along with yet another kidney biopsy. She now begins the very difficult journey of life on dialysis while awaiting a kidney donor. We very much appreciate all the continued prayers and support.

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January 25, 2022

Praying for complete healing and wellness.

Robin Myers

November 20, 2021



November 17, 2021

A HUGE Thank You to ALL our Friends & Family and others with Huge hearts that supported or Contributed to the Hope For Kate Campaign including Fundraisers we had like The Pool Tournament. The Old 4th Street Filling Station & The Golf Tournament.
ALL money & donations received will be donated here for assisting in Kate's Medical Bills.

Terri Joyce