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The Hynes family would like to thank each of you who have reached out to show your love and support for Brian at this time. The last three years have been trying. The shooting, the bar closing, caring daily for his mother through her passing, plus the pandemic and the continual shut down of the BL Saloon have each taken quite the toll on him. However, he has done his best to take on adversity with a smile and a positive outlook. Brian has focused his time and energy on supporting the needs of friends, family and of course, our community – he has always worked to keep the Borderline dream alive.

Over the years, Brian has been intent on helping others before himself and unfortunately it has taken a devastating toll on his health. Throughout the past year, Brian has been in and out of the hospital and on March 28th, he was admitted to Cedar Sinai Medical Center where he will remain for the duration of his treatment. He has been diagnosed with genetic liver disease and is in desperate need of a liver transplant to sustain life.

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April 7, 2021

He’s got the transplant!!! He’s in the ICU now but is in great spirits! Still have a long way to back on his feet but thank you all for helping show him love

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April 15, 2021

Over these past many years, you have been giving us all the strength, encouragement, love and hope that one person could possibly give. You have supported so many of us in your circle of friends and in your community. Now we want you to give yourself enough time to rest up and get well, because we need you to show us the way, in all the days and years ahead.... we love you Brian Hynes.

Courtney, Barbara, Eric Schur

April 13, 2021

Brian, the donations continue to come in to me from our Thursday fundraiser on your behalf, from our line dance community and beyond. I are honored to contribute again on behalf of my dancers. I love you, Bossman. You inspire me and so many others! Love, Candy

Joe Mika

April 13, 2021

Sending healing thoughts!!

Shane Meserve

April 13, 2021

Brian has assumed some of the heaviest burdens, let's help lift him up!

Michael Morisette

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