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Brayden is a 7 year old football loving, T-Ball playing, mind-blowing kid! Even with his medical condition, he’s just a regular kid who wants his own trike! Will you help make that happen?

Bray was born with bilateral open lipped Schizencephaly, a brain malformation, that prevents the brain from developing fully. On both sides of the brain, a cleft is present, surrounded by epileptic tissue. This epileptic tissue ultimately results in seizures, and in Brayden’s case, many seizures. He was diagnosed at five months old and experienced countless seizures daily for the first year of his life. The doctors predicted his chances of living an independent life very slim. We were told he may never walk, he may never talk, and he will mostly likely endure uncontrollable seizures his entire life. Brayden had his last seizure in December of 2014, since then, he’s built miraculous muscle strength, and made major progress in his development, progress even the most elite doctor would be impressed with.

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May 12, 2021

We love you buddy!! Pawpaw and Mrs. Sheila

Clifford Wall

May 9, 2021

We Love You Bray! We can’t wait to see you burn rubber on your New Bike!!!

Giesel Buras

May 9, 2021

We love you Bray!

Donna Mina