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Joselyn Henry is an awesome 8 year old girl. Her family and friends call her by her nickname, Josie. She loves mirrors and anything that she can scratch or can make noise with. She is a very happy and social girl and loves to be around people.

At 4 months old, Josie was diagnosed with a condition called Pachygyria. This condition caused her to have frequent seizures known as infantile spasms. After months of uncontrollable seizures and spending a countless amount of time and money on medication and hospital visits, her condition finally stabilized.

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November 3, 2021

Hope you can purchase the van!


November 2, 2021

Here's to Josie! Hoping this little bit helps and hoping we can make it out to see her again soon!

Jeff DeSurra

November 2, 2021

Sweet Jose you got this —praying a van is coming your way


October 31, 2021

Love you guys!

Amy Greene