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Family and Friends, Felipe Rodriguez received a double lung transplant April 19, 2021. Prior to receiving his transplant or even being hospitalized, Felipe was a healthy man full of life. He became severely ill after testing positive for COVID-19. He was a man who would go to work and come straight home. That was his life. His family spent the holidays the worst way possible when Felipe was intubated. His lungs gave out and was connected onto a ventilator to see if he would get any better. His only options were to place him in a nursing home facility and hope for the best or the other option was a lung transplant but Felipe had to meet a criteria but his family was so scared he wouldn’t qualify because of how weak he was. After being transferred to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, the lung transplant team took care of him and prepared him for those tests to see if he qualified. Thankfully he was a healthy man before becoming severely ill, that benefited him a lot because that would not complicate anything.

His family is asking for your help today to help Felipe continue on with his life. With his new lungs,he would need to take medicine. This medicine is not going to be covered by his insurance, so by being partnered with his non-profit organization it allows us to get help from people who are willing to donate and it will be genuinely appreciated.

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May 8, 2021

Primeramente dios se recupere pronto tío. Seguimos orando por su salud para que regrese con su familia muy pronto. Departe de Viviana, Jaime y Soledad (ya es tío abuelo y le toca conocer a la nueva nieta

Viviana Serrano

May 8, 2021

You got this Tio! #RodriguezStrong

Julio Rodriguez