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Sarah is a devoted wife, mom, and the center of the universe to 3 young kids (6, 10, and 12 years old). She’s an avid runner, committed volunteer/philanthropist, and friend to all. In March 2021, their lives were turned upside down as the result of a catastrophic injury. In a moment, Sarah lost her independence.

Family and friends of Sarah Gerrish are raising money for the nonprofit Help Hope Live to fund uninsured medical expenses associated with Catastrophic Injury.

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May 20, 2021

Sarah is making steady progress at Courage Kenny and she’s keeping her care team on their toes. She’s progressed from standing for the first time with the help of a mechanical lift two weeks ago, to walking yesterday with a standard walker. Her coordination/balance is challenged and she needs help to keep the walker from tipping over, but she’s doing all of the walking. The gains she’s making has the physical therapist moving up milestones and pushing her for more. She also has made some great strides with the occupational therapist – Sarah is now brushing her own teeth, feeding herself, working on brushing her hair, and she’s transferring in/out of bed without a lift.

We never expected to be excited about brushing teeth or using a walker, but we are thankful for the independence she’s gaining and the hope it’s given us. Hopefully we can capture some of these wins on video to share with you soon, but for now, here she is on 5/7 taking her first steps since before her injury.

May 12, 2021

Moving day! Sarah moved from Courage Kenny at Abbott hospital to CK Golden Valley, her next step closer to home. Less medical treatments, more therapy, and more freedom. Her room is Alexa enabled so making calls is easier and after therapy she can drive her chair outside by the creek and visit with family/friends outdoors.

We spent the evening her first evening in Golden Valley together, explored the grounds, and spent time talking/dreaming about our goals. Time to start the big projects, make sure we have accessible transportation and a home care plan before she rolls up to the front door.

Thank you all for the support and encouragement; we’re thankful we have all of you by our side.


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June 24, 2021

Praying for your recovery! God bless you and your family!

Terri Eckelman

June 24, 2021

So sorry for your accident. Our family is thinking of you and praying for your speedy recovery. Stay strong. You can do it!

Tim Schatz

June 23, 2021

I am sending prayers for you and your family. I enjoyed running into you several years ago in Minnesota. You have a beautiful family, and I hope you continue to get stronger every day! -Leslie (Kopko) Galer

Leslie Galer

June 23, 2021

We continue to pray for your total recovery. You have come a long way. Keep up the fight, we are behind you. Love, Bruce and Barb Case

Bruce & Barbara Case