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Hi! My name is Ashley and I am a mother of an extraordinary, beautiful, and loving little girl named Anastasia Rose. Since Anastasia was growing in my belly, things have not been easy.

In utero, we knew that Anastasia limbs were growing extremely small and behind, she had suffered from brain bleeds and fluid on her brain, she had a six polydactyl toe on her left and was having issues swallowing. Due to these serious complications, Anastasia was monitored very closely at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia where she was delivered May 1, 2018. Anastasia spent 127 days in the NICU where she under went many procedures. In the hospital, she had breathing issues, surgeries for a G – tube for feeding and nutrition purposes, intestinal malrotation and tethered cord spinal cord surgery. Through all of Anastasia’s challenges she always stayed strong and has held such an admirable tolerance for pain.

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January 5, 2024

January 5, 2024

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December 31, 2023

Support from the Exton Kings

Michael Monsilovich

December 22, 2023

I am so glad to donate for your daughter and in memory of Joseph Bennie and their family.

Margaret Robinson

December 14, 2023

In honor of the memory of John Bennie

Patricia Wixted