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Help Dennis Rebuild His Life!

On May 26, 2021, while driving on a Raleigh city road, Dennis Freeland became the victim of a five-car accident caused by a cell phone distracted driver, travelling the opposite direction. While all other persons involved in the accident walked away all right, Dennis had to be unpinned from his vehicle by firemen and carried to WakeMed Hospital, NC with a partial C5-C6 spinal cord injury (paralysis from the chest down). After seven weeks in the ICU, he continues to need a ventilator, but has since been moved to an Acute Long Term Care Facility in Durham, NC to continue working toward breathing on his own. While he has some undirected gross motor function in his arms, his mid-term and long-term prognosis remain uncertain.

Updates (2)

August 3, 2021

WEEK of Mon. 7/26 – Sun. 8/1:

Dennis’ WBC has been hovering around 11.7, — so higher than the previous week. Although the right lung has yet to become completely cleared, its secretions drainage tube has been removed, as he has continued to be able to be solely on the Trach Collar. He complains of not hearing as well from his left ear; this may either be due to some congestion, or to some nerve damage from the accident. I will be attempting to find out more regarding this issue during this week.

I have found him not at all interested in having the window blinds drawn. He says that there is simply too much light. However, he had not been complaining of this during the first days upon arriving at this facility. He has been doing light physical therapy, as he has been feeling tired. The doctor tells me, that this week they will be bringing him outdoors for some deserved fresh air, weather permitting.

July 26, 2021

WEEK of Mon. 7/19 – Sun. 7/25:

Midweek till Sunday, Dennis has done much better. He has stopped taking antibiotics for the pneumonia he has had, been taken off the Ventilator, and placed on the Trach Collar instead, for a daily average of approximately 10 hours!

This past Sunday, his White Blood Cell count was 7.5. Finally! Ever since he contracted pneumonia, all the way back on 6/3, his WBC has never been this low (well below the upper normal limit). Of course, when he is able to be on the Trach. Collar, — that is, off the Ventilator, he is capable of eating solid food rather than relying solely on his feeding tube, which at this time, is still directly connected to his stomach. He still has a tube draining secretions from his right lung, — the one that has been assailed by pneumonia all this while, which curiously enough, is not the lung which initially had been injured in the automobile accident (the left lung did initially also have a tube; in that case, to re-inflate it due to having been perforated by broken vertebrae). He still has to take medication to maintain his blood pressure on a normal level. The doctors think that his low blood pressure, something he had never had before the accident, is due to nerve damage. Due to the prospect of bed sores, he has to be turned by medical staff every 2 hours. He does not have the ability to use his hands in any directed manner, so that often enough, when I have visited him and he has felt an itch on his forehead or head, or some eye irritation, I have aided him. There are so many small things that we all take for granted, to the point of us becoming unconscious of them, that are actually so vital, you know!?

Good News! We got our first donation (mine did not count, 🙂 ) this weekend of $50.00. The person chose to remain anonymous. To whomever she/he is, Thank You!

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