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Family and friends of Gail Daniels are raising money for the nonprofit Help Hope Live to fund uninsured medical expenses associated with transplantation.

Gail has chosen to fundraise for Help Hope Live in part because Help Hope Live assures fiscal accountability of funds raised and tax deductibility for contributors. Contributors can be sure donations will be used to pay or reimburse medical and related expenses. To make a tax-deductible donation to this fundraising campaign, click on the Give button.

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August 23, 2021


Gail’s medical condition, Interstitial Lung Disease and Pulmonary Hypertension, started several years ago with a mild cough and shortness of breath. At first she thought it was allergies because she had respiratory ailments when she was younger. As time passed, still thinking it was allergic reaction to pollen, air quality, or humidity, her shortness of breath became more intense to the point where she was seeing many doctors and taking a host of medications. Finally, she had enough and saw a specialist who gave her the bad news. She had interstitial lung disease and the prognosis was that the 3 years she had to live would be spent tethered to oxygen. Even with the oxygen, though, her life, at this point, consisted of sitting and gasping for air whenever she did anything physical. Because of the lung disease and COVID 19, Gail’s life suddenly came to a stop. Visiting family and friends, taking long walks with her husband of 48 years, working in her flower garden, traveling, and helping others became impossible to do because of physical difficulties and her reliance on oxygen.

Gail wanted her life back but, according to her doctors, the only hope she had to do the things she loved again was a bilateral lung transplant. Being the strong, determined person she is, and despite the long-term complications of having a transplant, she and her husband decided that there was only one option—to have the transplant. And so the journey began.

At this point, we’re not sure the cost. However, according to some research, a bilateral lung transplant could cost well over $1.2 million. Whatever the cost, we are determined to see Gail fulfill her dream to get her life back. Insurance and Medicare will cover a significant portion of the cost, but does not cover everything, such as co-pays, deductibles, lodging near the hospital for four to six weeks, transportation, special medications, physical therapy, rehabilitation, and a host of other incidentals we were told to expect.
So, Gail and I are asking for your help. If you could help in some way, either through a donation or getting the word out to others about our situation and campaign, we would be extremely grateful. Gail still has hope for a better life. Please help us make it possible. God Bless and Thank You.

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