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Hi everyone, this is Kristie Wallace, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and cancer survivor. I’ve been incredibly blessed with so much love and support from many of you over the 20 years that I’ve struggled with my health, especially the past 6 years as I’ve fought for my life harder than ever before. I thank you all for standing by me. Now, as difficult as this is, I have to ask for your help once again.

My doctors have confirmed that my body will not survive much longer without an intestinal transplant. This means that I need a new small intestine. If the good Lord plans to leave me on this Earth a little longer, I’ll be getting the transplant at Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. There are only a few hospitals in the country who do this sort of transplant, and Cleveland Clinic is the best.

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October 3, 2021

I want to take a moment to thank my designated care-givers and explain their role to all of you.

My mother, Kathy Merriott-Hamby, who has been my life source since the day my illness got out of control, will be with me for the 12+ hour transplant surgery. Seeing me into the O.R., then anxiously and nervously awaiting good news from the surgeons is nothing new to her. She's been my strength and biggest cheerleader for nearly 20 surgeries in 6 years' time. Thank you Wayne Hamby, my step-father "Pops" for letting me take your wife away once again and for your ongoing love and support from homebase! So Momma will take on this role once more and will stay for several weeks while I begin a long recovery in the hospital, initially in ICU, and possibly in a rehab facility before being approved for release to my own apartment in the Cleveland Transplant House just a few blocks from the clinic campus.

That is when she will return home and my son Zachary will take her place and move in with me in my apartment. The transplant team requires me to have a caregiver with me 24/7 until they see I am stable enough to be on my own. This time period could be a couple of months to as long as a year. It all depends on how well I do and if rejection becomes a problem. My beautiful daughter-in-love, Danielle Poole-Wallace will be with us part or all of that time, depending on how long it takes and what their jobs require. Luckily they both can work remotely so we're hoping this will work out well.

When they are ready to leave, my dear friend Amber Pennington, who is my sister in my eyes, has graciously agreed to step in and take over my care from there. I must also thank her amazing husband Baron Pennington for being onboard and in absolute support of her helping me. This will take her away from her family and home in Warsaw, Missouri for an unknown length of time.

My son, Cameron Wallace is unable to take extended leave from his work on the west coast. So he'll be flying in for short visits to relieve whoever is on duty at that time, and will continue to cheer me on from a distance.

I'm incredibly blessed to have additional back up caregivers who are willing to come and take a turn if needed down the road. So thank you JoJo Biggs, Cathy Favia, Beth Dooley, Mary Broski, Ronnie Creek. You all continue to amaze me with your love and support!

This is an enormous commitment, and I'm sure both a physical and emotional challenge, for all of these incredible people, and I can't begin to imagine how I can ever repay them. But know this, I love you all beyond measure and I know that God is blessing you as we speak. I can only hope that someday I can return the favor to you or others in need in some significant way.

To the rest of you reading this, please keep these very special souls in your prayers. I hope you all are as blessed with loved ones like these as I am!

With love and gratitude,

Kristie Dawn

October 3, 2021

Another THANK YOU to all of my donors and prayer warriors!!!

As I mentioned in my last update, my son Zachary and I will be traveling to Cleveland Clinic in a week for analysis and testing. Your donations are making this possible. Thanks to you, I'm able to pay for my flight (Zach is paying his own way as part of his support), my hotel, meals, medical specialist co-pays, and the $700 balance of my 20% co-insurance that will be due prior to a surgical procedure that will be done on that Wednesday. Without your help, none of this would be possible. But as you can see, the cost adds up so quickly! So your continued support will be appreciated so very much!!!

God bless you all!


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January 9, 2022

Love you Kristie!

Elizabeth Miller-Dooley

December 31, 2021

Prayers heading your way from your Texas gals Kristie! Donna Poole is keeping us informed and we are keeping you and your awesome caregiving team covered in prayer. Holy Spirit, shower Kristie’s body, mind and spirit with your comfort, hope and healing. Strengthen her body to welcome and celebrate her transplant. Open her heart to receive your abundant love and grace. Thank you Lord that your thoughts and ways are higher than ours and you have great plans for Kristie. Jesus we trust in you.

Rachelle Dooley

December 23, 2021

I pray for your miracle and know that God is listening. I'm a longtime pen friend of your Aunt Pam. I will continue to pray for your healing. I hope you will have a good Christmas,

Patti Airel