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Christies long battle against Hepatitis C and eventually liver cirrhosis – decompensated has reached its pinnacle.

Although Christie contracted Hepatitis C in 1987 from a blood transfusion, she did not know she had Hep C until 2008. At the time, Christie worked for a small medical equipment retailer in Topeka and did not have enough insurance coverage to afford the treatment that was available (out of pocket cost of $3k per month). In 2013, Christie changed jobs, had better insurance, and Harvoney became an option. The Harvoney Hep C treatment was successful, but too late; the cirrhosis was too far along. Christie is now on the transplant list through Nebraska Medical and is anxiously awaiting a new liver.

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September 30, 2021

Yesterday was my last day in Omaha with Christie. I was hopeful that she would transition to Madonna Rehab before I left but that wasn’t the case. The plan is for her to move there today. Her stay there will depend on how she does but is estimated to be 2-3 weeks.

OT came by today and took her for an assisted walk down the hall! This is the most she has walked since her transplant on 9/16. Madonna will be intensive inpatient rehab to help her get back to her pre cirrhosis self.

September 28, 2021

Christie had a rough day yesterday as her acites acted up again. Her Med team said it was normal for that to happen if it was happening prior to transplant but would go away. They drained 8.3 liters from her abdominal cavity yesterday afternoon. She then, finally, got some decent sleep. She slept until this morning and awoke with an appetite! That’s a reason for celebration. While we had hoped for discharge to Madonna today, they are watching her labs and keeping her here today. It looks like her blood count is low and they are going to give her some blood. Her kidneys labs aren’t as good as they were so the nephrologist is being called to consult again. We have been assured that these little hiccups are normal and part of the process of recovery. Her body is absolutely not used to having a functioning liver!

For the first time, she had a shower and washed her hair! With every little step our Christie is coming back to us! For that we are forever grateful.

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October 6, 2021


Tina Kilian

September 18, 2021

Thinking of you CJ, you are a fighter! Hugs and prayers!

Giselle (Gigi) Harlow