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Jamie Azar’s Prayer Army is raising funds to help pay for her out of pocket medical expenses.

These costs include Jamie’s insurance deductible, copays and the unexpected costs that arise as she heals. Soon Jamie’s next adventure is riding in a special ambulance (because of the Trach) to transport her from Cartersville, GA to Chattanooga, TN. Then Jamie will be receiving intensive therapies at Kindred Hospital for about 3-4 weeks. The “Disallowed Adjustment” bills have already begun to arrive.

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September 15, 2021

Jamie is home! Yesterday, after 49 days in ICU and Long Term Acute Care Jamie was released to continue healing at home.
We are rejoicing in God’s abundant goodness in helping Jamie continue to recover. She will receive physical therapy, occupational therapy and nurse visits starting tomorrow.
The Washington Post even came and took pictures of Jamie’s going home day which sure made everything more celebratory (: Jamie plans to write an update soon to describe her quest to gain strength and heal. We continue to ask the Lord to heal Jamie’s throat. Thank you again for joining Jamie’s prayer army!
From Jamie –
Buster was a bit confused at first because my voice is different. But my heart is happy to be with him.

September 13, 2021

From Jamie’s Facebook post:
I know that I am really progressing from where I was… not even being able to move my body parts. And I am very thankful!!! My brain is farther than my body. Brain: “Sure I can lift that leg in that position, I have done it for years” Body: “nope not yet”. Such a strange phenomenon. I am NOT discouraged or depressed. Just stating facts.
Thankful that I was able to walk outside 2 times today. Mom came and I can walk out of my room as long as someone is with me.
So thankful I have my brain to get back to my studies!!! And it is helping pass the evenings.
So on a side note I finally found a way to sit in the chair in my room and be comfortable (my feet don’t touch the floor)

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September 2, 2021

Praying for you Jamie!

Cynthia Payne

August 29, 2021

This donation is given by the Fellowship Adult Class at CFBC, please know that we love y'all and are continuing to pray for your complete healing.

CFBC Fellowship Class

August 28, 2021

Prayers for God's healing hand upon you as you continue to improve. Sending love and prayers for God's Mercy and Grace on you and your family. Thelma Stone

Thelma Stone

August 28, 2021

Keep fighting Jamie. We can’t wait to see you back at home. Love, Marilea and Doug

William Hood