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Jamie Azar’s Prayer Army is raising funds to help pay for her out of pocket medical expenses.

These costs include Jamie’s insurance deductible, copays and the unexpected costs that arise as she heals. Soon Jamie’s next adventure is riding in a special ambulance (because of the Trach) to transport her from Cartersville, GA to Chattanooga, TN. Then Jamie will be receiving intensive therapies at Kindred Hospital for about 3-4 weeks. The “Disallowed Adjustment” bills have already begun to arrive.

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September 20, 2021

Updates from Jamie -

Sept 15 "Spent this morning visiting with a sweet friend. Thank you for coming over Shelley! It is interesting to hear what all my prayer warriors went through while I was under sedation. I will share my experience in a different post. I have walked around the house. And attempted stairs. I was able to climb with my right leg ( I only did 2 steps 2x) but my left is not quite strong enough. God is so good"

Sept 16 "I’m trying every hour to get up and walk around the house and exercise and do different things to strengthen and move. Continue prayers for my legs to strengthen."

Sept. 17 Jamie "Somedays just be like

September 15, 2021

Jamie is home! Yesterday, after 49 days in ICU and Long Term Acute Care Jamie was released to continue healing at home.

We are rejoicing in God's abundant goodness in helping Jamie continue to recover. She will receive physical therapy, occupational therapy and nurse visits starting tomorrow.

The Washington Post even came and took pictures of Jamie's going home day which sure made everything more celebratory (: Jamie plans to write an update soon to describe her quest to gain strength and heal. We continue to ask the Lord to heal Jamie's throat. Thank you again for joining Jamie's prayer army!

From Jamie -

Buster was a bit confused at first because my voice is different. But my heart is happy to be with him.

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October 8, 2021

Jamie, we are thankful for the miracle in your life! Continuing to pray for you as you recover! Much love - the O’Dell & Jordan Family

Heather Jordan

September 22, 2021


I can see how much you trust God. I contributed to your fundraiser, and I also thought that you might be interested in this podcast. It shows how God provides assistance in any emergency...even a financial one.

Where is God when bad things happen? Part 2: Responding to emergencies
Click here to view:

With much love to you,

Amy Richmond

September 20, 2021

May God bless and protect you Jamie.