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Frank Susa Needs a Life-saving Kidney Transplant — Please help!

Frank recently received medical clearance to qualify for a kidney transplant. As he now makes preparations for the surgery, he needs help on two major fronts. First, he’s searching for a courageous volunteer to donate a kidney that will keep him alive for years to come. And second, he’s asking for financial help to cover the very steep out-of-pocket costs of the procedure.

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October 24, 2021

We are one week away from two exciting events that are also part of my fundraising campaign: a live benefit performance of the play “The Lion In Winter” by James Goldman, and an online auction of items from the performance.

In addition to direct donations to my fundraiser, participation in these two unique events allow people both near and far to offer additional support. However, unlike the direct donations you make through this website, contributions you make through these two events are not tax-deductible because you receive something (a.k.a. “goods & services”) in return.

For those who live in the New York City metro area, we wholeheartedly invite you to join us in person at the benefit performance of James Goldman’s original 1966 Broadway play, The Lion In Winter. The play was also adapted for the silver screen two years later, into an Oscar Award winning film starring Katharine Hepburn and Peter O’Toole.

Details for our event on Saturday October 30th are available at or by clicking the link at left under “Fundraisers.”

Then immediately following the show, at the crack of midnight on Halloween, many of the original props, costumes and other items from the performance will be available for bidding in an Online Auction at Anyone from anywhere in the world will be able to view the items up for auction and make competitive bids to purchase them.

Items in the auction include the original hand-crafted costumes worn by each character in the play, all seven of the tapestries and royal insignia from the set, autographed illustrations of each cast member, and several 18 x 24″ full color posters in promotion of the Saturday evening performance.

The auction will go live on beginning at 12 AM October 31st and continues for seven days until 11:59 PM November 6th. More detailed information about the auction can be found at or also on this page at left under “Fundraisers.”

Please join in the fun by participating in these two one-of-a-kind events. Happy viewing and bidding!

October 14, 2021

Thanks everyone! You helped me reach a big benchmark today — over $10,000 in ten days. The symmetry in that alone is a beautiful thing.

But even more beautiful is the sense of security I get from knowing I have such a committed, compassionate, and generous community of family, friends and lovers supporting me through this formidable challenge.

You’ve proven yet again “an army of lovers shall not fail,” as the great civil rights icon Rita Mae Brown would say.

While the $10K benchmark is worth noting, it’s not an end goal. The fundraiser continues and anyone can still contribute if they’re so inclined. Help Hope Live will continue to accept donations on my behalf, which I’ll be able to use for any of my future medical needs, even after the kidney transplant.

Nothing I receive going forward will go to waste. So please give generously, within your means, of course.

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October 18, 2021

Love ya!

Dominic Wetzel

October 18, 2021

Love to Frank!

Brad Taylor

October 14, 2021

Blessed BE our community supporting this amazing creature! xoxo Rosie Delicious

Paul Wirhun

October 14, 2021

Transplantation Nation!

Jack Waters