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Frank Susa needs help paying for several new and ongoing expenses resulting from his recent kidney transplant — Please Help!

Early this past Thanksgiving morning, Frank received a long-awaited kidney transplant. This came after six years of holdover dialysis treatments until a matching kidney donor came available. As he now recovers from the surgery, he needs help covering the very steep out-of-pocket costs of the procedure and after-care.

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November 26, 2021

It happened... I thought I'd be having turkey on Thanksgiving this year. But instead, I was served A KIDNEY!

November 14, 2021

Hi folks — I have a good news/bad news update about the Lion In Winter Online Auction. But before I get into the good, the bad, and the ugly, let me remind you... all proceeds from this auction will benefit my Kidney Transplant Fund.

► To bid, follow this link to eBay: ◀︎

The bad news is already behind us now. It was that several unexpected setbacks led to an awkward and delayed launch of the whole auction. We didn't get it fully off the ground until November 7th, almost a week after the original planned launch date. And as of midnight tonight, the first round of bidding has officially ended.

But now, the good news: we've launched a 2nd round! It began automatically just as the 1st round came to a close — a few short minutes ago at 12 AM (ET) today, November 14th!

This time around, almost all of the original items are still available for bidding. And even better, each item will continue to auto re-list for consecutive 7-day bidding periods going forward, keeping them all live and available for bidding for several weeks, or until sold.

This includes four (4) limited edition 18x24" promotional posters for the play, three (3) of the principal costumes hand crafted by Tilly D Wolf, and six (6) 8x10" portraits of the characters, each digitally illustrated by Bizzy Barefoot and autographed by the actor who played the corresponding role.

And now, the best news of all — I have reduced the starting bids on all items by as much as 25%. So, costumes that were $75 are now $50. Posters are down to $35 from $50. And each autographed 8x10" portrait starts at just $15.

► Ready to start bidding?

► Click this link:

All of these items make for ideal gifts, especially for friends, family members, supporters, and fans of the show's cast members. Combine items, as well, to make a gift bundle of a particular actor's costume and portrait together, for example.

One final reminder too: remember that every bid will ultimately benefit my kidney transplant fundraising effort. When you buy any of these items as a gift for a loved one, or for yourself, it pays itself forward as a gift to me too.

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December 10, 2021

Much love and healing to you Sunbeam

Chris Goffredo

December 5, 2021

Was really good hearing your Thanksgiving news.

Nicholas Matterese

November 8, 2021

Happy Birthday Frank! Here's to many more of those.

Jay Michaelson