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Robbie Nicholson had a massive stroke on August 1, 2018.

Robbie has fought battles that most of us could not imagine. Robbie went from being a Baylor and UTA baseball player, a baseball coach and a part of the workforce to being stuck in a hospital and full time therapy for almost 9 months before insurance kicked him out. Robbie went through a divorce and now only gets to see his kids every other weekend. Robbie has had many other challenges that have been emotionally trying. He learned how to eat again, regained strength and learned dexterity in his left side, started speaking and has made many strides. He is currently wheelchair bound with a mostly paralyzed right side, including his arm, leg, lung and bladder. He suffers from severe clonis. His speech and vision are still compromised as well.

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September 30, 2021

Dear Robbie, your story of tragedy and triumph through Christ inspired us as a family and we in turn were blessed by your life and example. Thank you for your message of “don’t ever call it quits”! With much love, John, Bev, Andrei, Lexi, and Gabriel Kuvshinikov

John and Bev Kuvshinikov

September 27, 2021

We will continue our prayers for you Robbie as you continue to see God work in your life in a mighty way! Keep up the will, the strength, and your spirits as you continue to improve. Our love, Henry & Lynn

Henry & Lynn Cole

September 26, 2021

We are grateful we got to hear your story on Thursday night. May God bless you!