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There is a story within all of us. But for those of us who don’t yet have a voice we look to the ones who we call our support system to enlighten the world on the thing most people don’t see.

Kailey’s story:
Kailey is an 8 year old charismatic girly girl who loves all things Disney princess, ballet, dance, and music. Her larger than life personality speaks for itself as she enjoys speaking her mind and educating anyone who would listen what life as a princess is all about. Throughout the course of her life we ran into certain alarming issues here and there which at the time I presume was growing habits. School was difficult as I constantly would get calls from her teacher that “she was a sweet child but tends to drift away often from reality.” On January 30, 2021 when she was 7 years old I witness her first seizure. At the time I didn’t know anything about epilepsy and the different ways a seizure can present itself. As time went on, Kailey continued to present strange behaviors where she would be present one minute and spaced out the next as if she wasn’t even aware of place and time. Over time as her behavior and mood would switch randomly I started to pay attention as to how long she would go into these trances and how she acts while under such. Incidents began to take place as I notice she started inflicting harm to herself as well as others. Her pediatrics doctor advised me that she could just be ADHD and needed to be placed on meds but my mother’s intuition wouldn’t rest as I believe this had to be something a lot deeper than ADHD. Another incident occurred while she was at school where she climbed the teachers’ desk and as the teacher attempted to help her down she began attacking the teacher. I picked her up from school that day and took her to the emergency room. After several test and observations the doctor concurred that Kailey’s brain waves where misfiring and showed several seizure activities. A diagnosis of Epilepsy was made. Immediately the doctors began prescribing medication as the seizures where happening back to back. Medicine upon medicine we began to notice that Kailey was rejecting the medication. She would either vomit, present with a decline in her academic performance, negative impact on her cognitive functioning etc. Finally, after several different medical fails her body accepted Vimpat. Although her body hasn’t rejected the Vimpat it has not been that beneficial as it makes her extremely drowsy and emotional.

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