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In April 2021, our daughters Cadence and Adaline were diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder known as MSTO-1 related disorder. Because of this disorder the girls are not crawling or walking even though Cadence is three and Adaline is two years old. They are both receiving therapy and there is hope they will eventually walk and talk normally! But in the meantime I am a very busy mother of four children. Our oldest is six and is in first grade, our youngest is one and neither one of them inherited this genetic issue; only our middle two daughters. Perhaps the biggest challenge I face is going to the grocery store or any family outing:
All the girls must be carried and buckled into their car seats one by one, followed by whatever “luggage” I may have to bring along (diaper bag, snacks, blankets, cups, etc). It takes a lot of mommy muscle, but thankfully we’ve been able to manage it! I am blessed that my six year old loves helping me do all this when he’s not in school!

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February 11, 2022

This message is specifically for your ANONYMOUS donors!!

Thank you so much for you wonderful donations and your hearts for our family! We are slowly getting closer to our goal and couldn't be more excited! We pray that y'all have a wonderful day/week/month/year!!!

January 20, 2022

Happy New Year everyone! Yes, I realize we're well past the new year but it's been BUSY! The family went to Mississippi to see the Knight side for Thanksgiving and we saw A LOT of family we hadn't seen in a couple years. It was wonderful and the kids were spoiled rotten (haha!). Christmas was a bit of a doozy. We enjoyed Christmas eve with the Faulkner side but when Christmas Day came around, Daddy caught some sort of flu bug. Couple days later, Momma caught it too...then one by one, the kids all had a one day fever and just feeling yucky. Thankfully, after about 10 days, we were ALL better!

Since then, Auddie and Cadence are back to school, Adaline is starting to communicate SO MUCH MORE than last year! I'm so excited for her to start school next year because I know with the extra help she is going to THRIVE! Ariel started walking...and climbing...and hasn't stopped. But we are enjoying the new adventure!

Thank y'all so much for all your wonderful donations and prayers! We are still working on getting a big community fundraiser together but hope to get one in the books soon! Praying for blessings and health to each of you!

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November 6, 2021

We love you all!!! ❤️

Uncle Mark and Aunt Patti Flitton

October 14, 2021

May God continue to bless your beautiful family and may a van become available sooner than later.

Mary Franks