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7 Years of Pain, Exhaustion and Anxiety

I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Renal Failure in/around 2010. I was okay for a while, but got gradually worse. I got my fistula in 2012 and was on dialysis for over 7 seven years, 3x per week while working full time while supporting my wife and 2 boys. Eventually, I switched to peritoneal dialysis, and my condition became much worse. Our doctor encouraged me to leave the workforce while waiting for SSDI, we nearly lost our house, and had to file chapter 13.
In 2018, my wife Vivi, was diagnosed with ALS, shortly afterwards I received my kidney transplant.
I am a loyal, devoted husband and father, but as strong as I am I couldn’t stop my family from near catastrophic financial ruin. We want so badly to pick up the pieces, but now with my wifes ALS, I’ve become the full time caretaker. I cannot work for a business, but I work hard everyday to take care of my wife and kids.
Help us to get caught up with our bills and with PT for the neuropathy which is incredibly painful in my feet.
Just imagine living a life consumed by deadly diseases. You are almost 40 and have two kids in elementary school and the love of your life, the mother of your children, is bound to a wheelchair. All of us are powerless as ALS slowly takes her life.
I am always extremely sad, ridden with feelings of guilt, no self worth, useless. I wish I could trade places with my wife, Vivi. Please share my story. There are so many wonderful people in the country. Please donate if you can comfortably do so. Every dollar counts.

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January 11, 2022

You are in my prayers. I saw your story on WFTV, and I found this website and read your story. I too am on Dailysis 3 times a week, and awaiting my 2nd Transplant. The first lasted 20 years! Be encouraged.

Charlyce Simmons