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Help Julia wait in the carpool line

Julia would love to be stuck in the carpool line at her son’s elementary school, waiting to drop him off in the morning or pick him up in the afternoon and hear him ramble about his day in first grade.

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December 1, 2021

Hi everyone! As of today we are a tenth of the way to our goal! I was able to use a portion of my cash donations to buy a much desired stand-up rollator (walker, but the weight is distributed across my upper arms on a cushion such that I’m in appropriate upright body position but also, very awesomely, I can use my upper body strength to take weight off my damaged discs and nerve!!!)! I love it. Not only does it’s paint job match my glasses, it’s comfy enough to watch children’s movies in (lol see sit mode in posted pic), but light enough for my Mom to load and unload and has thus far allowed me a more enjoyable and independent!! Heavenly! Still had a driver that helped load and unload me and my gear but in a store, ALONE! amazing! Thanks to donors and loved ones like you

October 28, 2021

Oh my goodness everyone!!!! Day 1 of my first fundraiser ever and I simply cannot believe the amount of affection, encouragement, and generosity! Truly amazing. I will be posting more as time goes but really wanted to reach out and thank everyone before getting a bit of rest! Love and God Bless!

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