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As many of you know, I have been dealing with various levels of chronic illness for well into a decade. After tireless research, countless doctors & a plethora of dead ends, I have since been diagnosed with Dysautonomia (an autonomic nervous system disorder), Myasthenia Gravis (a neuromuscular disorder) as well as being on the Hypermobility spectrum. Until recently, no doctor or specialist had any real lasting ideas on how I could improve; only bandaids. But I’ve finally found a physician who not only knows the aforementioned diagnoses, he knows how to treat them & more importantly, teach *me* how to ultimately heal my body & system myself.

This won’t happen overnight, as I did not reach this level of multi-system fatigue overnight. It involves two sessions a week, ongoing for around three months, and each week the doctor will gauge my progress & change my plan accordingly. Depending on my progress, it may take less or more time than the estimate he’s given. Nevertheless, healing is finally within my reach–something I’ve only dreamt of for a very long time.

Any and all donations are greatly appreciated & valued. Cumulatively, they will cover the co-pays for each session which insurance does not cover. My hope and goal is, once I’m finally at a place of stability, ultimate strength & vitality again, I will one day be able to pay forward any and all help & donations which are sent my way. I truly believe I have not gone through all of this in vain, and my story & journey will be able to help others find their own healing.

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