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Reality took a sharp turn a few months ago when my father, Brian, and I were informed that he would be needing a liver transplant in order to survive. Unfortunately, the first hospital denied my father of a liver due to him being a high risk patient. But I could not accept the idea of having to just wait for him to die. There had to have been somewhere else that would understand he deserves a second chance.

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March 7, 2022

It has now been four months since his liver transplant. And while he has made significant progress, there have been some setbacks. These issues have been addressed, but remain to be overcome. Of these, recurring bacterial infections (C Diff) are most concerning. Both the infection itself, as well as the antibiotics used for treatment, have taken their toll on his already compromised immune system, increasing the need for a kidney transplant. I’m addition, his insurance will not approve for the transplant until he is free of any infection. This puts us in a very time sensitive window. Each and every day he fights with being fatigued and not being able to give his body the nutrients it needs to heal and recover, and to move forward with the next surgery.

Please continue to share his story and help if you can, and please send positive vibes his way and pray for his recovery.

February 6, 2022

Update as of January 27th .. He had his weekly check-up along with bloodwork and everything came back good but with that being said we’re now looking at a kidney transplant . When we thought he was in the clear we get struck down with this. His kidneys have been compromised do to the cirrhosis of the liver. We now wait to be put on the list , which cannot be done until he gets a clearance from his dentist do to infection . Please continue to reach out and help if you can, any little bit is greatly appreciated..

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January 10, 2022

Best wishes on a speedy recovery!!

Malinda Steinke Cornforth