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My mother, Sonia, has been fighting a losing battle with Lung Fibrosis for going on 12 years. A far cry from the 3-6 years the doctors quoted her as the “usual” life expectancy after diagnosis. There are many things about her case that would set her apart from the usual. She was diagnosed in her early thirties, the usual onset age being late fifties/early sixties with a disease for which there is no cure without a lung transplant. Only medication to make her life more comfortable.

For the 13 years my mom has spent battling her condition she has never let it define or hold her back. She raised 2 children as a single mother & worked hard to provide for us. With every passing year her condition worsened & she never let those around her know it. Those difficult years brought along many struggles & many blessings. She met her husband Rolando (Tito) who loves & annoys her, he is now her full-time caretaker. She also has 2 beautiful grandbabies who absolutely adore her.

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January 20, 2022

1/19/22. It's been 7 days since Sonia had her surgery. First 2 days was smooth sailing breathing tube was out even took a 10 minute walk. On the third day my beautiful loving wife took a turn for the worst. She developed a high blood pressure and fever that spike up to 102 and oxygen level drop. She was put on critical and unstable condition. Breathing tube went back in and she was highly sedated. It was discovered that she has a infection. With all the blood work, xrays, CT scans can't find what is causing this. On the 6th and 7th day which is today. She's been critical and stable. With this type of major surgery anything is possible. I am told three things that it can be possible pneumonia, caught bacteria through the breathing tube, or inflammation in the lungs from the donor or the surgery it self. Today I am told that with every exams and test taken. It does not show the body is rejecting the new lungs. X rays show that the Antibiotics are removing fluid from her lungs. Sedation is lower a couple of times a day to see if she responds to commands. Good news is that she does. It's going to be a slow moving process for her. Slow going forward is small but good news for me. She is still fighting and holding her own. With lots of medication. Please continue to keep my other half in your prayers.

January 12, 2022

Hello everyone! Sonia was taken to the operating room to get prep up for her new lungs. The lungs are being flown in. Once they are here the surgery will begin sometime early evening. This has been a long battle for many years for her. The time is finally her. It's going to take time for recovery. Please keep my Lively wife in your prayers.

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January 23, 2022

Te deseo pronta recuperación y que Dios te de mucha fortaleza, eres una guerrera

Rosa Maribel Majano

January 20, 2022

To my beautiful wife! I know you can\'t see this right now. Soon you will. I miss your loving smile with those piercing dimples. Your love towards me is truly one of a kind. Your positive attitude and your will to move forward. Without any complaints and worries. Is what\'s gotten you this far. I love you for those reason and many more. Get well very soon. So we can start OUR new journey together. Miss and love you like crazy ❤

Rolando Castell

January 12, 2022

Prayers & positive vibes for her and you, Tito. Love you guys!

Joanne Peebles