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Family and friends of Jonex Oslan are raising money to cover medical expenses uncovered by insurance associated with his liver transplantation. When we first started this journey, we had no idea the amount of money that would be needed, pre- and post-transplant, above and beyond what insurance and our savings cover! Please know how much we appreciate your generosity and support during this challenging time.

Jonex came to the US from Puerto Rico in 1967 at 17, hoping to improve his life. The oldest of 12 children, he was independent, working since he was 11 years old, to take care of himself. Once he arrived in the US, he was able to go to college and help some of his siblings who decided to relocate to the US as well.

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April 15, 2022

4/15/22 - Jonex received a new liver on Wednesday night , 4/13/22 - we’re so excited he was called only a few weeks after getting listed. He’s in ICU for now but steadily improving - we hope he will be transferred to the transplant floor later today or tomorrow.

He’s already walked a couple of times!

He’ll be in the hospital for 7 days, then we will have to stay close to the hospital for a minimum of 3 -4 weeks. Then hopefully we can head back home.

We are so grateful for the donor and their family for this life-saving gift.

March 11, 2022

We received the results of the MRI on 3/10; the lesion has gotten larger since January. They will be doing a biopsy/ablation which will confirm the diagnosis of HCC and burn the cancer at the same time - the rationale for the biopsy is that while his doctor is 95-98% sure the lesion is cancerous, it’s missing a few of the markers.

The official diagnosis will raise his MELD score by 10 points; there’s also a complication of a new Portal Vein thrombus that could cause problems if it totally occludes the vein - Jonex would no longer be a candidate for transplant; not to mention the dangers of a blood clot.

The plan is to put him on Coumadin until transplant. The good news is going on Coumadin raises his MELD score additionally.

The cancer diagnosis will also most likely mean he will get a transplant within a few months of being listed.

The doctor will bring his case to the review committee next Wednesday.

Jonex’s doctor is the head of the Liver Transplant department at Mayo and we have full confidence in his approach to the findings.

We are experiencing a roller coaster ride of emotions - but we’re focusing on the fact that these things will ultimately mean Jonex gets a new liver before the end of the year.

Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.

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May 5, 2022

Get well soon Jonex!!

Lino Amado

April 18, 2022

Hoping that this can help Jessie and Jonex focus on what’s really important. Love and healing.

Bethany Layne

April 16, 2022

Wishing you the BEST possible outcome! Get well soon!

Love, Betsy Walits

Betsy Walits