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Fight with Natalie & Fulfill Dreams…

On February 21, 2021 our lives changed forever. Our daughter Natalie was in a serious sled riding accident at Hinckley Hill. Natalie broke her back, six ribs, suffered a collapsed lung and was diagnosed with a spinal cord injury at the T4 Level (paralysis from the chest down). Natalie spent 3 weeks in the ICU including another collapsed lung and an additional surgery to help her lungs heal. Natalie spent a total of 5 weeks in inpatient therapy in Cleveland and Chicago and became stronger and more comfortable with her new life.

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January 25, 2024

“I want to walk again.” This is the first time I’ve heard those words in 3 years! In the past I think Natalie was afraid to hope, only to be disappointed. This therapy has built Natalie’s confidence, showed us what she can do and taught us how we can continue to support her in therapy at home. Each year, when Natalie’s at React, we see improvements! We’ve known for a few years that Natalie’s hip flexors can work but this time around Natalie’s glutes and quads are beginning to fire and at times she can lock and unlock her knees! We don’t know if Natalie will ever be able to walk again but what if she can get to a point where she can stand over the stove to cook dinner or stand up to get dressed?

Our dream is to take Natalie to Dallas three times per year for one week each time. Unfortunately, therapy like this isn’t covered by insurance and therapy will be an ongoing need that Natalie will always have. On average, the therapy alone costs approximately $400 per day (3 hours) or $2,000 per week. And this isn’t including the airfare, hotel and car rental. We are willing to go to any length to give even a little bit back of what she’s lost! And Natalie is willing to go the extra mile too! On an average week in Ohio, Natalie does about 12 hours of therapy each week and it’s paying off! We are hoping to make this dream a reality but can’t achieve it on our own.

I remember attending therapy at React in Dallas the first year (January, 2022) and Ryan Bachik asked Natalie about her personal life. At the time, Natalie preferred to not leave her bedroom much and only wanted to hangout with family. She was weak and timid but it was also the first time we saw her stand (with a lot of support). This gave us vision for what we needed to do at home and we made small steps creating a therapy room and working with Natalie at home!

The second year (February, 2023) Natalie came back stronger and more confident and also made huge accomplishments in her personal life (driving, graduating high school, cosmetology school and starting a business) but still a small social life. We learned how to stand Natalie better and purchased a lot of therapy tools and increased our work at home!

This year (January, 2024), Natalie came to therapy with more muscle, strength, overall ability and definitely more determination! Her social life has blossomed with having many friends, involvement in our church and a super supportive boyfriend! We learned about some of the things we didn’t think was possible with Natalie and she did awesome with every new exercise no matter how crazy it seemed! Once again, we’re inspired and ready to take home more ideas with bigger dreams of what could happen!

I don’t think these changes would have happened without our yearly “shot in the arm” therapy at React. Imagine what could happen if Natalie went to React three times per year?! If you would like to support Natalie and sponsor a session, a day or a week then click on the link to make a tax deductible donation where 100% of it will go directly to Natalie’s therapy!

November 18, 2023

Natalie has spent the last 2.5 years participating in a lot of therapy to keep her body strong despite all the challenges of secondary conditions from a spinal cord injury. Therapy will be a life long commitment and she is doing great with about 12 hours of therapy each week! We are currently working toward raising funds for therapy equipment Natalie can use at home that will help keep her bones strong, organs functioning properly and muscles from becoming atrophied. Osteoporosis is a great concern for those with spinal cord injuries and we're doing all we can to prevent it. We have been applying for grants for Natalie to be able to purchase the Galileo. It's a vibrating plate that is specific for those with spinal cord injuries and can help prevent Osteoporosis, help keep the organs healthy, strengthen muscles and provide the neurofeedback from below Natalie's injury level to her brain. The Galileo costs $8,600 and will give Natalie many years of quality therapy at home! All donations at this point will go toward the Galileo S35.

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March 3, 2022

Your a champion Natalie

Paul Toth

March 3, 2022

Natalie, you and your family are an inspiration to all of us!

Twiisted Family

February 26, 2022

It has been a privilege to pray for you Natalie! You are a miracle!

Mary Krosse