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My name is Kabir Kadre. I need immediate and ongoing help to pay rent, a team of five caregivers, and other regular expenses to function as a quadriplegic. Your donations allow me to give to the world what I can through the gift of my life.

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September 4, 2023

There are two paths to becoming an extremely high maintenance person. The first is becoming a celebrity, the second is by contracting a spinal cord injury. The latter is much easier. Both take real determination and commitment. I don’t recommend the latter, and can’t speak to the former. :-)

A little gallows humor for the gallery. ;-)

It’s been a moment since I have written a formal fundraising campaign update. It’s a challenge often to come to such a page. The marathon of generating financial resources to cover care costs is heavy enough for one alone (or a family), it’s another thing entirely to feel as though one is shouldering a constant ask of others as well. Donor fatigue is real. So too is campaign fatigue.

One way that this shows up is through the implicit inquiry, “am I worth it.” — Of course these questions of validation are not unique in this case, however, the effort required to move through our personal challenges though they are merely mental, chemical, or physical, increase in complexity as we progress. Indeed, though we might solve one, there may always be another to take its place.

I am by no means nihilistic in this sense, and always believe we can find ourselves fully realized as the blissful majesty of being. Never to waver again, we become the fountain of generosity with our every breath. Childish, distant, or always already, such is my aspiration.

Meanwhile, it’s easy to find myself thinking, “if only I could just walk down the corner and get a job at the local market, I could live that simply.” And yet the practical reality rears its head. This life demands much more expense than that could provide, and the walking is another matter entirely. Truly this world, as we have made it, does not easily say “yes, you are worth it.”

In campaigning, that is always this question. Of course you, or another, or another might reply wholeheartedly with YES, you most certainly are! And you have; donations have been coming in small and large for years. Truly, the great cosmic answer has indeed been YES! Almost 4 years ago to the day, things began to look very bleak and dangerous in terms of my viability, yet here I am, joyfully crafting these words in hopes that I might share some generosity with you.

Just so, though I may not tease apart faith and effort and reward, here I sit with another month of finance in the bank and no clear path beyond the ask to find the economic way forward beyond. I have no shortage of faith, nor joyful opportunities to connect and generate value in the world.

I have been engaging in dialogue, generative conversations with others around the globe, helping to open new ways of looking and seeing and acting with care in response to what arises. I’ve been writing and publishing regularly, building a corpus and driving towards some clear and holistic expression, some point of leverage in this time of global turbulence.

I have yet to establish some monetary reciprocity for products or services rendered, but I find myself diving deeper and deeper into a sense of liveliness with the earth and all her bounty at the center of my heart. There must be some way, yes?

There is a deeper work I do, keeping open my heart, tending the flame of joyfulness, celebration, and loving compassion and care for all being. This rests, such as it is, on the altar of my soul, itself resting atop the often fragile stool of personal health, care availability, and finance. Each of these legs requires an ongoing agility as they have a life of their own, rarely standing still, and in the best of moments dancing together, while in the lesser offering a challenge of balance that can trend to the comical or downright absurd.

Today I am returned. I spent the morning writing, and published with joy. My health, fragile last week, seems to be returning. The care schedule for the month ahead is nearly 80% robust. Finance, as I said, runs through the month, and maybe a week or two longer as the crow flies. The week ahead, and in fact the month, holds a plethora of engaging, creative, and potentially even generative conversation with exciting partners, near and far. With the help of dear friends, we have submitted for engagement with a wealthy foundation to explore the possibility of projects together with them.

Today I am returned. I write this with thanks, from the bottom of my heart, to all of those who have stood by, whether you or they offered prayers or tears or cash or any aid of any kind. Even those who do not know my name, but only simply live their lives the best they can, my gratitude to them as well, like you, is boundless like the depth of our hearts when we really look.

Today I am returned. I write this because I am not a celebrity with the commensurate residual incomes and high dollar commands. No, my high maintenance comes only from that fateful day in November nearly 21 years ago (does my spinal cord injury get to go drinking in November? ;-) My high maintenance drives me to this page to ask once again for your help.

Please do offer a donation if you can. Share this update and my story with others, if you will. Put me in touch with someone you know (or you yourself if you are so endowed) who might have the financial wherewithal to find inspiration in my vision, intent, and work, someone who might love to underwrite those efforts for a term of months or years or longer if you might be so graced.

Thank you for sharing this moment.

Yours always,


January 30, 2023

Update, January 30, 2023

It's wet and cold (for San Diego) today and I am hunkered down in my office organizing the work of the coming month and months in hopes of keeping up the good traction that has formed over the past… Goodness me, can it really be six full months since I reached out to community in sheer desperation!? (See previous update from July 25, 2022 ;-)

At the time, things looked bleak ( and my heart and soul were weary for the efforts. I had also just been nourished deeply by the remembrances surrounding the passing of my teacher, Dr. Daniel P Brown (, the message of his life irrevocably and completely revivified my commitment to living a full life, but how…?

Since that call in July, I have been in a community supported process of slowly but surely building momentum towards a socially clear and long-term sustainable contribution to the world.

Earlier this month I sat down with one of those folks who have been encouraging and supporting the emergence and refinement of these intentions for conversation. I hope you will enjoy this podcast interview between myself and my good friend Fionn as we explore unveiling some rich sense of the possible, and perhaps even the necessary…

In love,


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November 28, 2023

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November 28, 2023

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Dennis OConnor

November 28, 2023

May this come to you a thousand-fold

Pat B. Coulston