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Thank you for your care!

My name is Kabir Kadre. I need immediate and ongoing help to pay rent, a team of five caregivers, and other regular expenses to function as a quadriplegic. Your donations make it possible to push through the struggle and bring my gifts to the world.

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May 19, 2024

A very special moment in this evolving journey!

April 19, 2024

2024-04-19 Help Hope Live Update

The process of writing an update explicitly for this platform of fundraising to defer medical costs, indeed the process of writing for any venue having to do with this condition of infirmity can be a very vulnerable experience.

Where ordinarily I would choose to direct the conversation or reflection towards the inspirational, the hopeful, something to do with the well-being of all (and not that that should be absent here), in the context of an explicit fundraising platform, I, we are dealing with fragility of body, challenge of economics, conditions of potential deficiency. Regardless of message, this means stepping into a certain spotlight, standing a bit naked in need, exposed in frailty.

I just thought I would say that out loud at the front. As I was gazing at this blank page, I could see that bit of substance pushing back on the otherwise hoped for free flow of literary creativity.

So, with that out of the way, just what can one say, what can this one say, what can I say by way of? Let us see…

I still balk at the cost of care. $20,000 a month seems astronomical, especially when compared with global families who might not see that in a lifetime. Then I remember my privilege; I live in America, in an affluent city, on a pleasant street across from a church, birds chirp outside and each one of the (now 6) members of my care team travels by their own car (mostly ;-) to my location.

It always feels good to notice that the dollar figure cost of my daily life includes a meaningful contribution in exchange to the well-being of those humble but truly marvelous others.

Truly however, all that vulnerability and uneasiness with standing, I enjoy the great good fortune to report that I am for the most part, and regularly quite filled with a sense of gratitude, capacity for generosity, and access to the baby steps of engaged service to this beautiful and fragile world of ours.

As says my dear friend and mentor, John - -, we are all today fragmented and wounded human beings walking shoulder to shoulder in a fragmented and wounded world. My gratitude comes largely from the sense that I have of being connected to the kinds of communities and work that rise in spirited concern to meet these conditions with compassion and lovingkindness.

Speaking of mentorship, I have been called out, encouraged, loved gently, inspired by, and shown the example of a truly world-class leader.

My friend Doctor Ari and I met in the late 90s in New York City while he was there to admonish the UN assembly to do better. While that might seem like a mouthful, Ari stood on his good reputation; having helped to lift over 15 million people out of poverty at that point in his career. To my great fortune we became fast friends, sharing a sparkling eye for mischief and hearts longing for the loving flourishing of all beings.

Doctor Ari passed away earlier this week. - - He shared his wonderful being with us for 92 years and closed the chapter of this life exemplifying an inward turning towards the deepest heart of profound wisdom and the practical realization of the wellbeing of all.

I remember him today, as I always have, with joyfulness and aspiration to rise to his embodied invitation.

By way of update, that is where I increasingly stand today. I look carefully out onto this world, so much in motion, so much in turmoil, so much hope, fear, and uncertainty, and I find reflected a sincere commitment to walk every step I can in care for that unfolding apocalypse. (My friend Dave pointed out that this word refers, at its root, to a great revealing.)

At the risk of stepping a bit far afield here, I do think that is the edge of my update… With each breath of effort I am leaning into how I might best support this humanity’s great revealing. I do believe we are on the threshold of knowing ourselves much better than we have, and in that there is both great danger and great possibility, I am joyfully working for the latter.

It has been nearly a blue moon and eight more lunar cycles since my last update here. I’ve endured three more cycles of urinary tract infection, a broken toe, 16 catheters, and various failures in care support and fragility in finance. I’ve encountered some of the strangest people and conversations I’ve known in this life and meanwhile have avoided the hospital and enjoyed the benefit of financial sponsorship for three exquisite meditation retreats. There have been a few deaths, a transatlantic cruise, at least three international journeys, and both US East and West Coast rock ‘n’ roll tours in the family. We have seen at least four, if not six, cross continental road trips by my good brother David, and the full shadow of eclipse has rolled across this nation of ours.

In the midst of this, we have seen our fortunes ebb and flow and all the while I have found myself supported in community to go deeper and deeper into the work I can and mean to do in this life.

Just a few short weeks ago we held a public launch ceremony for my work in leading Open Field Awakening - - as a nascent global evolutionary response initiative, and our reception has been warm indeed.

In the near term I’ll be launching in to a new wave of personal medical fundraising campaign in hopes of creating a solid year of monthly donations through which to dedicate my focus wholly and completely to the development of the good work at hand.

Thank you for visiting the campaign. Thank you for following along. Thank you for sharing this where and when you find appropriate, and may you and yours be well and happy, free from the causes of suffering, and rising to bring your love to a world in need.


Friday, April 19, 2024


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July 11, 2024

So glad to be connected with you Kabir. Inspired by you

Nathan Jepsen

July 10, 2024

God bless your spirit. Sending you strength, love, and wishes of everything good.


June 24, 2024

Kabir, you are a light in this world!

Lynne Bosche