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My name is Kabir Kadre. I need immediate and ongoing help to pay rent, a team of five caregivers, and other regular expenses to function as a quadriplegic. Your donations allow me to give to the world what I can through the gift of my life.

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January 30, 2023

Update, January 30, 2023

It's wet and cold (for San Diego) today and I am hunkered down in my office organizing the work of the coming month and months in hopes of keeping up the good traction that has formed over the past… Goodness me, can it really be six full months since I reached out to community in sheer desperation!? (See previous update from July 25, 2022 ;-)

At the time, things looked bleak ( and my heart and soul were weary for the efforts. I had also just been nourished deeply by the remembrances surrounding the passing of my teacher, Dr. Daniel P Brown (, the message of his life irrevocably and completely revivified my commitment to living a full life, but how…?

Since that call in July, I have been in a community supported process of slowly but surely building momentum towards a socially clear and long-term sustainable contribution to the world.

Earlier this month I sat down with one of those folks who have been encouraging and supporting the emergence and refinement of these intentions for conversation. I hope you will enjoy this podcast interview between myself and my good friend Fionn as we explore unveiling some rich sense of the possible, and perhaps even the necessary…

In love,


January 21, 2023

At the dawn of this Gregorian 2023, threshold of the year of the Rabbitt, the struggle on the ground for me to source a month-to-month economic viability remains very real.

In the meantime, I find inspiration abounding. My new website at continues to provide a portal for outreach to the world, a place to channel those expressions that have meaning to me.

I recently had the good fortune to be interviewed on the HICKORY podcast, where I was able to tell an enjoyable version of my history and arrival to today. Please enjoy that conversation at the video attached below.

Meanwhile I'm working today to polish another interview that tells the deeper story of longing for what I might offer the world with the right community coherence, I look forward to sharing that soon…

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January 3, 2023

He is inspirational and it’s inspirational to donate to him

Marsha Burack

December 31, 2022

Thinking of you always, with love from Denver, The Akemans

George & Eve Akeman

November 21, 2022

Whenever I see Kabir he has a huge smile on his face. He has a way with words that makes you drop everything and join a conversation with him; offering insight and an alternative perspective that is uniquely his own. I'm glad I stumbled upon this site and I'm happy to contribute what I can to help those who need some extra support.