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As you likely know, my name is Kabir Kadre, and I am partnering here with Help Hope Live, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, in part because they provide both tax deductibility and fiscal accountability to those who wish to support the medical costs of my life with Spinal Cord Injury and the resulting quadriplegia and paralysis.

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March 16, 2020

Employer Matching!

Many employers will help to strengthen your gift with a matching program, often contributing dollar for dollar what you offer!

Please follow this simple 20 second video, or these steps to take advantage of this great supercharge:

1. Click Give.

2.Select “Learn about Other Ways to Give.”

3. Select Employer Matching and type in the name of your company to see if they participate!

That’s it! And thank you once again for your support!

March 16, 2020

The hard realities of care…

From the moment I wake, the very possibility of rising for the day requires the hands and feet of someone else. The simplest tasks, from brushing my teeth to eating lunch all require more physical capacity than I alone can muster. Ordinarily, as we go through our day, simply walking up the stairs to the bank, our movement pumps fluid and blood through our body – for this I require a fitness trainer, time with skilled hands, and disciplined time out of my day.

For many, spinal cord injury and particularly quadriplegia can be an incredibly taxing and isolating event. At the very least, managing life with this level of disability is like running a small business and as you may have heard, most small businesses fail in the first few years.

The dynamics are intense, you must manage budget, supplies, staffing and schedules, “employee” relationships, team dynamics, and vendor relations. This to say nothing of managing your own body and its countless new and resource consuming needs, ostensibly, the product of the business.

Of course many of these are simply household duties, but in the case of injury, these lie on top of those simple home maintenance concerns.

The monthly cost just for medical and health related expenses is over $15,000 and breaks down roughly this way…

Daily Function:

~$11,500 monthly for caregivers. This is a team of five supporting one another to cover 15 hours a day of care for my body, for my home, for transportation, and perhaps most importantly for one another.

— $60 a month for payroll service.

—$200 a month amortized for durable medical equipment (wheelchair and showering)

— $450 a month for household utilities due to the loss of internal temperature regulation in the body, and the necessary electric bed to properly care for my skin and ability to sit up and access water and communications in the night.

— $150 a month for medical supplies necessary for urination, bowel maintenance, skin care and protection and team hygiene (glove, etc.)

Maintaining Basic Health:

— $200 a month for high-quality nutrient and herbal supplements. These help to combat osteoporosis, a constantly infected bladder, and a compromised immune system while complementing a clear and positive mind and energized body in the face of the diminished exercise one ordinarily receives just by walking around.

— $700 a month roughly amortized over the year for doctors appointments, related tests, and hospitalizations (knocking on wood ;-).

— $50 a month goes to pharmacy expenses – this is largely just the prescription medication coverage on my insurance, with the occasional antibiotic need.

$150 a month for health insurance premiums (thanks to Medicare!)

Strengthening Vitality and Engagement:

— $950 a month covers my dear friend Andrew ( to show up once a week for two hours, throw me on the incline sliding bench and help me generate some blood flow, weight-bearing, and basic exercise to keep up my bones, strength, and vitality.

— $450 a month for Feldenkrais therapy ( – an exceptionally effective nervous system support, and one that I hold accountable for the most notable return of trunk sensation and abdominal control, over any other therapy or treatment since my injury.

— $50 a month amortized for hardware and software accessibility aids like the voice software and microphone I am using to compose this message to you now!

— Not listed but more sporadic are additional costs when traveling to bring caregivers and equipment.

This is a list of some of the basic cost concerns that have supported my well-being and freedom to do work over the last 17 years.

I hope this will give you a better sense of what you are contributing to and supporting in concrete terms. All of these resources are leveraged to give me the best energy, most time active, and most agility to practice my passion of finding the most effective ways to use my life in service and love for the world.

Please see the updates “MettaCare” and “2020 Vision board” to learn more about how I strive to bring that service about. This small business has been running for nearly 2 decades on cash reserves, with luck I’ve just about figured out how to make it sustainable… Thank you so much for your help to cross this threshold.

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March 31, 2020

Best Wishes from RWM Home Loans

Scott Olson

March 31, 2020

Wishing you well.

Brenda Delgadillo

March 29, 2020

Much love to you, Kabir!

Sharon Wampler

March 28, 2020

In loving support for one who inspires and encourages by his example of spiritful generosity and courage.

Andrew Morikawa

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