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Seeking to bring awareness.

20-Year-old Caliph (K) was born special. You see he was born a twin. Caliph and his brother Calid brought tons of joy to the lives of their families. But K was much more special than his parents could ever imagine. K was born with a PTEN gene associated with increased risk of certain Cancer, benign tumors growths (which is just one of his battles) & neurodevelopmental conditions.

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May 19, 2022

We arrived at Mayo Clinic this past Sunday. Monday we began to make our rounds. Yes we returned a lot sooner than was planned. This week K was seen by 3 of his surgeon's. Surgery can't be preformed this trip due to scheduling. We will return in 2 weeks. The second surgeon doesn't want to perform surgery until K other surgeons perform another procedure as well as a New pain management doctor tries a new procedure as well. Which we'll be coming back in July for that trail run. K's doctor that wants to wait has informed us that the risk for his next procedure would be extremely risk. This has been his surgeon since he was 5 Years old. Continue to keep Caliph in your prayers. Love Team Kellogg ❤️

March 26, 2022

Cowden Syndrome affects ever 1 in 200,000. People with this altered gene are sometimes diagnosed with conditions such as, Cowden, Bannayan-Riley Ruvalcaba syndrome, multiple hamartoma syndrome,and Proteus-like syndrome.

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April 13, 2022

The soul moves first...continue to be strong!! We will support you along the way through your journey!!

Mrs. Campbell

Ericka Campbell

April 7, 2022

Stay strong family and have faith! Love you guys❤️

Cassy Butler

April 2, 2022

Praying for you buddy!

Joe & Sue Fuentes