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Five years have passed since Brian’s near fatal car accident that left him paralyzed from below the waist.

As Brian continues to make considerable recovery gains, we knew that his journey would be a marathon. His days are long with intense workouts at Race to Walk near Charlotte, and hours of electrical stimulation to maintain muscle mass in his paralyzed legs. His perseverance and work ethic continues to be remarkable. His former basketball coach at NC State (Herb Sendek) wrote that Brian is the bravest and most determined individuals he has known.


June 26, 2019

Owen, Faye, Iris, Ruby & Milo present Uncle Brian with 100% of their bake sale monies (along with a few bucks extra to cover fees for the credit card). They are very happy to be able to help & so appreciative of the generosity of the golfers! :) We love you, Uncle Brian!

Kara Webb

December 23, 2013

We are very happy with the progress you have made in your recovery. Your dedication for recovery is commendable! The encouragement and support of your parents and family is exceptional and unwavering of their love for you. Continued success in your progress and Happy Holidays!

Leo & Kiku Sasaki

September 11, 2012

You are amazing in how you can handle challenges: whether it be from being on the basketball court, in school, helping family or helping friends.
You make this world a better place!!! :)

David Rosenfeld