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Dror Shalita, a loving, husband and father of 3; has been diagnosed with inoperable bile duct and liver cancer (Cholangiocarcinoma) in September, 2021.

Chemotherapy and steroid treatments have been wreaking havoc with his body, as he has been coping with brutal side effects and added medical complications. Unfortunately this has impaired his ability to work in his profession, which has undermined his ability to keep up with mounting medical bills, as well as the ability to proudly support his family. FREEDOM is the translation of DROR’s name in Hebrew, as his name suggests, he is diligently working to FREE himself from this dreadful illness!

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January 18, 2023

Hi everyone.

Many thanks again for the generous contributions. They are well appreciated.

The latest CAT scan last week indicates my case is “stable” with no new growth except a few nodes where pseudo progress is most likely the case. I am currently on immuno therapy with less side effects compared with chemo. I guess no new growth or new nodes is a good thing.

October 18, 2022

Hi Everyone.

First of all, thank you again for the generous donations. They are a great help at this time. As to updates on my condition, well, last scan a couple of weeks ago was good. The condition has been declared as "stable" with some nodes gone, tumor shrinkage and necrosis, which is good news.

As to treatment, due to good results so far in the scans, the docs put me on immune-therapy, while taking a break from chemo after 16 rounds. Taking a break from checmo is great, and I am starting to see my stamina and energy starting to come back although immuno makes me sleepy tired and I need more hours of sleep. Let's see what the next scan shows.

Thank you again


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May 8, 2022

Wishing you strength, hope and peace in knowing that people care and that G_d is on your side. I'm sending prayers and wishes for a complete recovery with minimal side effects from your treatment.

Vicki Wille

May 4, 2022

All our love to you,

Dana, Myrna, Riley and Avery

Myrna Zakarian

May 3, 2022

Our thoughts are with you. Keep on fighting.
The Jones Family

Vanessa Jones