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John Needs Your Help!

John Kesecker is a 58-year-old man who is very ill and desperately needs a kidney transplant. In 2008, John underwent surgery for a liver transplant after being on the waiting list for many years. His liver is healthy and thriving but now he finds himself in the final stages of kidney failure. The good news is that his step-daughter, Tonya Ramsey (seen in this picture with John) is a match and will be John’s donor.

Updates (3)

February 20, 2018

John is now 60 and still doing 10 hrs of dyalisis s every night hoping and praying for a donor.He s is process of of several trips to Baltimore in the next week and a half for testing on his bad leg also.Hes at the point he can only walk as far to house from vehicle with cane .Any further we have to use wheelchair.Hes been in a lot of pain with leg hoping to find out something soon.He really needs a donor so please pass the word share this what ever it takes.We appreciate any donation .If it wasnt for donations last time he was in hospital he wouldnt of got to come home because he was on iv antibiotics for 6 weeks.Just antibiotics was $1500.upfront.This was a emergency surgery so believe me when I was wondering how to come up with it to get him home I remembered helphopelive.It was just enough.So no matter how much every dime helps my husband.I want to ty and bless you.His wife Ranae

September 15, 2017

Update on my husband s health.He is now 60 has been on home Dyalisiss s almost 2 years now 10 hrs every night.He is in last stage of kidney failure.He had a whole liver transplant in 2008 that organ is doing great.Hes had a lot of right leg surgeries recently he now has a stright leg cant bend at all.Metal rod thew his leg.He is also a diabetic.I his wife can not work with his health like this plus i tend to my mother when possible.His medicare covers 80 percent .but we have alot of 20 percents adding up with so many specialists any help would be great.I no alot pf people thinks its great because 80 percent of prep.s are great and it is .but sometimes its hard to even do that.he takes 15 to 20 some meds at a time twice a if anyone can seevit in there hearts to make a small donation it would be greatly appreciated.My husband is reevaluated in Oct. For transplant.Ty for donations and prayers.His wife Ranae


April 12, 2018

God Bless you John Praying for a total healing. Love you Brother

Gilbert & Vicki KESECKER

October 19, 2015

Hi john, I want you to know that Gods got you and youron my mind, in my prayers daily. I claim your healing in the name of Jesus. God bless you and keep you Cathy's friend Brenda

Brenda Bingaman