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Family and friends of Melinda Thornton are raising money for the nonprofit Help Hope Live to fund expenses associated purchasing a newer wheelchair conversion van. A newer conversion van with lower miles is going for roughly $40k so with the taxes it’ll be roughly $45k.

Her van is a 2010 Honda Odyssey with almost 180k miles. Mechanically it’s is still in decent condition for the age. The conversion components are the issue. The ramp is a fold out style that is warped and bowing. This was caused partially because the van doesn’t knell, lowering the van decreasing the slope. She was told upon receipt of the van that it wasn’t needed because she is in an electric wheelchair. The components that are secured to the floor of the van have rusted off causing the ramp to jump or freeze and not deploy. There is 3 buttons inside to van plus the fob. The only one that works partially is the fob, which only opens the door, which then the ramp needs to be pulled out manually if it will. Then the only way to get the ramp back in the manual override buttons, when they work.

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August 7, 2022

I'm down at Ogden’s Pride Celebration manning a booth for Utah Assistive Technology Program. Had to get help getting me in my van because I can't open the door (no power anymore) then I have to fight to get the ramp back in then they have to slam the door shut. It is making my life miserable. Now the check engine lite is on.

July 6, 2022

KSL News is coming out today to interview me on my fundraising campaign. Tune in tonight or tomorrow to see Raven on TV.

I'll try to post the clip after it airs. This is very hard for me, to be pleading with people to donate and be on camera. I hate getting my picture taken period, but I'll do it to help get a newer wheelchair conversion van.

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June 27, 2022

Wishing you some GREAT LUCK getting a new van w/working supports! <3


June 10, 2022

Melinda is one of the most resourceful, independent people I know! She does SO much good! Let’s keep her moving! I sure adore you Melinda! -Giselle

Giselle Bandley

June 10, 2022

Melinda provides excellent support and outreach to many people with disabilities. We appreciate her dedication and hard work!

Marilyn Hammond