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Retired NYPD Lieutenant/US Navy Veteran/Local Realtor desperately needs your help.

Terrance “Terry” Ohayon has been suffering from a debilitating lung condition known as Pulmonary Fibrosis for the past 5 years. As part of his treatment regimen Terry was placed on immunosuppression drugs which left him extremely susceptible to COVID-19 and its deleterious effects. Unfortunately, he contracted COVID-19 which caused his lungs to significantly worsen. Terry now needs a lung transplant to survive.

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September 18, 2022

Love you like a brother Terry I’ll do whatever I can to help in anyway❤️

Nick Papaspyros

September 9, 2022


Joseph Bell

September 9, 2022

ere Terry,
Keep up the good fight. Know there are many people pulling for you.

john wallace