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Our dear wife, mother, grandmother, and friend Colleen suffers from a rare lung disease that, beginning in the fall of 2010, required supplemental oxygen and deprived her of an otherwise healthy life. Just before Thanksgiving 2011, when it became fully apparent that the disease left her with no other option for survival, she relocated from her Portland home to a Seattle apartment to await a life-saving lung transplant. Unfortunately, Colleen’s condition rapidly deteriorated, and she was hospitalized just before Christmas. Basic tasks such as bathing and getting out of bed were no longer possible without professional medical assistance. In an appointment with the University of Washington Medical Center’s (UWMC’s) Lung Transplant Team on March 1, 2012, it became clear that Colleen’s eligibility for transplant was nearing an end; she was becoming too de-conditioned to survive the rigors of transplant. With minimal time remaining, Colleen persevered and on the morning of March 6th, she received the call—the Transplant Team found a match.

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June 4, 2016

Hi Colleen,

For some reason I thought I'd look you up on the Internet and here you are! I'm sorry I'm so late on the donation but I'm sure it is helping just as much as everyone else. It was a sad day when you had to leave GWBC and move to New York. I think about my GWBC family often and you're no exception. I hope you are doing well now and enjoying life more than ever! I always remember you having the kindest heart and biggest smile.

Chad Groharing

May 15, 2012

Hi Colleen,
Cousin Paula here. Hope all is getting better for you and your family.
There is a check coming your way to help with the expenses for the KLEINHENZ
Family from the Philip DeVito Foundation. My husband Paul work with Sam DeVito who lost his son from cancer. He started a Foundation in honor of his son which has helped many families for many reasons. This will come your way with LOVE and KISSES to you both. Love to hear from you soon and get an update on the situation.
Love, Paula Kleinhenz- Giera

Paula Giera Hinckley, Ohio

May 14, 2012

My son, Nicholas Parkes-Perret who works with Joe at VOA, sent this to me. I was very moved by your story. This could happen to any one of us, at anytime. You are such a courageous woman, and your children are so loving. It's wonderful they can help and spend so much time with you in Seattle. I wish you a very speedy recovery and joyous life, and I hope that many contribute to your fund-raising efforts!

Georgiane Perret/Iowa City, IA