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He’ll rip your lungs out Jim “   –  Warren Zevon 

     And that is exactly what happened to Bob Haines.  Covid, Coronavirus, The Pandemic, call it whatever you want, Bob needs new lungs.  At 56 years old, Bob was in great shape. Trim, non-smoker, energetic…..a regular guy, hard working family man. Bob was in the restaurant supply business and took all the precautions he was supposed to, we all did. Some of us were lucky, I guess. Bob’s luck ended when caught the virus.
     It’s tough to imagine. You are living your best life, day to day things are going along pretty well and you feel great. Then you wake up one morning and you don’t feel good. You’re not thinking Covid because you were cautious, you followed the rules. But…. it is. So off to the doctor. You get your treatment and told “ you will be fine “. Nothing seems to help. You think you actually feel worse. The doc says to come back. You get another round of treatment. Surely that’s the ticket. Again, you don’t feel better. It IS getting worse. You go to the ER, to be told illness has changed. Now you have Covid induced double pneumonia.  You get
admitted to treat the pneumonia.  You start to feel a little better, but you can’t breathe right. X-ray is not really showing anything, antibiotics are not helping and you can’t get out of bed without losing your breath. It gets so bad that you actually start to pass out. So for 5 weeks you get medicine to treat your pneumonia, then you get cleared to go home.  A week later, it’s the worst it’s been, you feel like you are dying, back to the hospital. Doctors, nurses, Specialists….poked, pricked, pressed on.
Finally…finally; someone says let’s get a biopsy. And there it is…..pulmonary interstitial lung disease your lungs are at 30% capacity.  The only possible treatment is a double lung transplant or you are going to die.
    That’s where Bob is and he needs us. Bob’s story could happen to any of us. This is a guy who the world loves. His customers ask for Bob because they know they will be getting taken care of.  His co-workers always went to Bob for help or advice on how to be better on the job. Of course he helped them, he showed them to stop seeing the people as “sales targets”.  Told them to “treat them like they’re your family. That’s what they will remember. ”, because after all Family is what matters the most to Bob. He’s the eldest son, a big brother, a husband , a father and a grandfather. This is his circle. We have pulled together and we are doing everything we can for Bob. However it’s not enough. We are limited by our own obligations. 
   Here’s a man who makes the world better just by being himself. A man the world needs more of and Bob needs your help now. This opportunity for a double lung transplant is very expensive. There are so many costs associated with the whole process that no one thinks of. Kind of like buying your first house. You’ve done your homework and you know you
can make the mortgage, but you never think about the curtain rods. Even at $20 each, it adds up. It’s the same with this operation, everyone asks doesn’t insurance cover it? Insurance doesn’t cover associated costs. If Bob cannot find a way to help offset the costs, the hospital will not perform the surgery and Bob will die. “Curtain rods”…… it’s amazing how we never think of them. Just like parking, tolls, co-pays. medication and rehab. Medication that’s needed for the rest of Bob’s life.  
   Please, take a minute and consider helping Bob. This is a great guy who got his life taken out from under him. Any amount helps. Please….Bob needs your help. If you can’t help, please, please, please; say a prayer, light a candle, smile at a stranger. Everything helps! Thank
you for taking time to read Bob’s story and God bless you and your family.

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January 25, 2023

Love you cuz. Wish this was more. Stay strong, you are in my thoughts every day.

Patricia Ferrari

December 6, 2022

Bobby you're a fighter, you're strong. My love and prayers, cuz@

Patricia Ferrari

November 22, 2022

Praying for Devine healing