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Adam needs your help please!

Adam was hospitalized in October 2021 with Covid Pneumonia. Things went from bad to worse in a matter of days. He was hospitalized at Amery Hospital and clinic before he was transferred to Howard Young Medical Center to be put in an ICU. He was intubated and transferred to Froedtert Hospital to be placed on ECMO to give him a chance for his lungs to heal.

Updates (2)

January 30, 2023

Adam is HOME! After 15 months of ups and downs he’s finally home with his family!

November 22, 2022

Since the last update Adam got off the ventilator and moved out of the ICU. He’s been moved out to the floor for about a month now. As of November 22, 2022 after 407 days in the hospital he’ll be going into inpatient rehab. He’s so close to coming home!

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February 1, 2023

So thankful Adam is back home with his family and making progress. We wish Adam and his family all the best and wish Adam a full recovery. We vacation in the area and wanted to reach out to support the family. We enjoy our time in the Siren area.

Kathleen Hokemeir-Seim

January 27, 2023

My husband and son have trimmed hooves at your farm. They pray the next time they come you\'ll be there. John and I send our prayers. You are one tough family.

Peg Kuhl, John Kuhl, Tyler Kuhl

January 27, 2023

So glad to see you are home with your family! You are truly blessed by the grace of God!
I came down with COVID in October of 2020 & spent 50 days in the hospital, on a ventilator for a month, then a tracheotomy & feeding tube, then rehab.
I am Blessed beyond measure as my family came close to losing me. But God knew I was needed here more.
I\'ll continue to keep you & your family in my prayers!

Becky Heuer