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Matthew found out about his situation when he went to the hospital for difficulty breathing in November 2019; turns out it was pneumonia. But what should have been a short stay ended up triggering more chest x-rays and a diagnosis of heart failure.

His heart had only been operating at 10%! Gracious that they found that out but incredibly confused as to how (later diagnosed as an unlucky viral infection), Mr. Pinnick started on a journey of pumps, PICC lines, 20 pills a day, all while still coaching at Kellis HS, working, and spending time with his precious daughters. Now his trek has reached the pinnacle. Although he is in great shape physically (walks without a walker, speed walking 7-8 laps a day) he needs a new heart… which he is heroically waiting for.

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September 26, 2022


Pinnick back with another update! So, I got moved out of ICU five days after the double transplant (crazy!) and I’ve been back in a regular hospital room the last two days. Today they pulled the last of the tubes (five chest tubes about as wide as a quarter) and that was real pain OMG. Then they tied the wires the tubes were attached to. I’ll spare you the details but boyyyy, that was almost unbearable, but totally worth it.

I’m staying very active, doing occupational & physical therapy every day and guess what… walking on my own! All in all, barring any setbacks *knocks on wood*, I’ll be outta here in a week tops. Again, thank you all for your love and support; I could NOT have done it without you guys.

I’m still taking DMs but phone calls and visits are harder just due to the sheer amount of providers coming by. Plus I’m so close to getting out and I have zero immune system, I’m focused on not getting a cold or infection that sets me back. I think everyone can understand that. So there is your update, and hopefully the next one will say I’ve been discharged! Love you all!

September 20, 2022

Matt is doing well and extremely far ahead of schedule according to the doctors. Today Matt was able to stand and even do some knee raises! I wanted to confirm Matt was ok with me sharing this but it is nothing short of a miracle that he could do those activities being that he also had a kidney transplant surgery YESTERDAY! So on Friday he had the heart transplant surgery and Saturday morning they took him back to the operating room to complete the kidney surgery… as you can imagine Matt is/was really out of it much of yesterday and some today… he is in good spirits and we spent the day just talking and enjoying that amazing Cardinals victory, you all already know how much he enjoyed that! He is still in the ICU and will be there most likely until Tuesday. Then he will be moved to another floor and will remain there until he is released, which could be as early as the Friday! I am not putting the cart before the horse but as always GOD IS GOOD, and all those prayers are working! Please keep them coming! I am confident Matt will be providing his own updates soon! He truly appreciates all that each of you have done! Keep sending this positive words of encouragement they really make a difference! Just know that it takes so much out of him to reply so if you don’t get a response please give a little grace.

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September 30, 2022

Go Devils! Get well Matt!


September 30, 2022

Everyday brings another chance to love life.

Tedd Perry

September 27, 2022

You are Superman my friend. 2 transplants right up next to each other WOW. I am so happy for you and wish I had more to give to help. My international relationship always killing my bank account. By my good thoughts and wishes are with you. Hit me up when you are home and I will bring you some of my enchiladas for more healing. Love you buddy

Jaime Piepenburg