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Help Carl get a life-saving double lung transplant!

Carl has been a hardworking cabinet maker his entire life and in 2020, he had been working more hours than he ever had in his career. At the end of October 2020 he tested positive for covid. He quarantined and was ready to go back to work to support his family. His niece, an ER nurse dealing with covid patients, mentioned he may want to get a pulse oximeter to measure his oxygen levels. He did so and realized his oxygen levels were in the 70s, even though he felt fine. He then went to a walk-in clinic, and they also measured his oxygen levels in the 70s. They called for an ambulance who delivered him across the street to the ER and he was hospitalized for 5 days.

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January 3, 2023

Update from Carl 1/3/23

January 3, 2023

Carl had a good week! He did not seem to be in much pain and was able to be off the ventilator during the daytime hours each day except Thursday. This is definitely good progress! We are praying that he will continue to be off the ventilator during daytime each day this coming week! He is mainly breathing on his own with a little oxygen help through the trach collar during the day. We believe this is what the respiratory doctors are looking for so Carl can move to the next step to get him off the ventilator. They are working towards getting it back to where he will be able to speak again soon. Keep those prayers coming!

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December 16, 2022

Continuing prayers!
Sending our Love!

Mark and Theresa Franz

November 30, 2022

Praying for strength and healing!

Beverly Grubb

November 11, 2022

Praying for a quick recovery! We love you all!
Rachel and Jack Marshall

Rachel and Jack Marshall