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A Better Way to Not Die

Family and friends of Erin Merkley are raising money for the nonprofit Help Hope Live to fund uninsured medical expenses associated with Catastrophic Illness.

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March 15, 2023

March 10, 2023

Journal Entry by Erin Merkley

Home again home again jiggery jig!!

I have been home now since the 8th but I want to go back to the last few days I was in Cancun. So much happened that I was unable to journal until now.

Saturday March 4th

This was a full day of doing therapies and saying goodbye to doing the hyperthermia (pizza oven) although I have ordered my own one which is portable so I can travel and do my therapies. I also have ordered an infrared light that I can travel with as well. After taking pictures with all my friends, Mike and I enjoyed a night to ourselves and ate out at MB where he had cow tongue and I had salmon with mushroom risotto. It was very yummy. I’ve never ate so much fish in my life as I have done here. We packed up most of our things and we talked to the kids over zoom and it started to become more real that we were leaving Cancun. We ordered more supplements and enjoyed watching a movie together in the evening. We went to bed early so we could wake up for our excursion to Tulum, cenotes, and snorkeling.

Sunday March 5th

We decided to visit a little of Mexico besides being at the resort and clinic. So early morning about 6:50 we waited for our bus to head out and see a few sites. We were greeted by our tour guide Freddy. We had a small group in our tour with a total of 13. Our first stop was Tulum a Mayan ruin right next to the ocean. A lot of the ruins were pretty torn down but it was neat to learn a bit of the history and the Mayan calendar. A lot of iguanas dotted the ruins. Freddy kept us together by saying, “Freddy’s group woot woot and we would all repeat it to make sure we were all there. We saw termite mounds perched in trees. We didn’t stay long because it was a short excursion.

Cenotes- we then had a Mayan massage ( bumpy road ride) as we drove to the cenotes. This was my favorite of the trip. It’s is underground cave formed by sink holes made of limestone. We got our swimsuits on and had to take a cleansing shower. We then climbed down some stairs into the caves with hanging stalactites. We then got on life jackets and held onto a rope for part of the way as we dipped into the colder waters. Our bodies got used to it quickly. We swam around the cave trying not to hit the stalactites as our tour guide Freddy showed us trees growing into the caves without touching the water ( they just hung down from the surface into the cave), sand we exfoliated our faces with and the silk that hung down from the silk worms on the ceiling of the caves. Some of our groups wives struggled with swimming because they were afraid of the water and held onto life saving rings. I could have stayed in the cenotes longer. The natural wonder was so cool to look upon.

Snorkeling - our last stop was in an estuary (mix of freshwater and ocean water) we got to snorkel and look down and see tropical fish among us. It was a beautiful location with huge rocks underneath us. Freddy pointed out more sinkholes nearby as we swam. By the end we were starved since we had only snacked on nuts, bananas, and cookies. They then took us to eat. I had vegetarian tacos and Mike had chicken enchiladas. After dinner, we laid on some hammocks while hearing the ocean waves crashing by. I asked Freddy to turn down the music on the way home so we didn’t have to listen to Bon Jovi or Bob Marley blasting our ears as we did on the way to our excursions.

Later that night we went to the Hidden Garden restaurant and I started having stomach aches. Without going into too much detail, Montezumas revenge came and kept me up most of the night. I was afraid I wouldn’t make it to my last day of treatment and lose the chance of meeting Dr. Tony (founder of Hope 4 cancer and chief medical officer) but Mike said a prayer and it seemed to cease right before I needed to head to the clinic. Prayers are answered!!

Monday March 6th

My last day of treatment was great! I attended the spiritual service in the morning and shared my testimony. I didn’t end up singing because I didn’t have all my energy but Demi said she wasn’t ready either to sing with me. I let the doctor know what happened the night before so he gave me some IV fluids, electrolytes and a probiotic. I have a story with the probiotic later so stay tuned. I got to say my goodbyes to everyone and receive all my supplements from Katie that I had to transport back home in my suitcase. The best part of the day was meeting Dr.Tony.

Dr. Tony

Dr. Tony the chief medical officer and founder of Hope 4 Cancer comes to the Cancun clinic every 3 weeks or so. It turns out I just missed him for he left the clinic the week before. I was ecstatic to find out he would be back for what they call Dr. Tony week and I would get a personal consultation with him on my last day along with Dr.Mel. I have read his Book “Hope for Cancer.” You can find it on Amazon. Yes I believe everyone should have a copy because it also deals with prevention of cancer. “A MUST READ!”

We walked into our consultation and I felt right at ease with him. He is the most humble calm man. He tries to meet with every patient at least once if he can. He immediately said, “You ready to go back to the snow?” He puts you at ease and we definitely weren’t ready to go back to the snow. He went over my files. They also had results on my lab work and ultrasound. I am happy to report my tumor has shrunk in one of the dimensions along with one of my lymph nodes!!!! This all in just 3 weeks of treatment. Yes it’s working. He also talked about the therapies that were most important for me to do at home. He recommended hyperthermia, infrared light, and an oxygen inhaler that is more efficient than the hyperbaric chamber. This is because there are two non specific spots on my lungs that the doctors back in Arizona ruled out as cancer but the inhalator can help with the spots even if it is scar tissue or inflammation. I’m not too worried but they want to have the photos as soon as Mike goes back to Arizona. We have ordered our equipment and are waiting for it to arrive. He then empathized how important it is to exercise. He said to do light exercise that helps the lymphatic system like walking, yoga, and rebounding not hard intense exercise. When doing intense exercise it makes your immune system work harder and they want my immune system to focus on healing from Cancer. We also want to buy a hydrogen water machine in the near future for better water consumption.

One other thing Doctor Tony emphasizes and also Doctor Mel was the toxins found in my body especially the mouth. Fillings and root canals are filled with toxic metals. It looks like a Biological Dentist will be my new best friend. I will be going to see him a lot these next few months.

After my meeting final therapies, and saying goodbye I walked pensively back to the hotel for the last time. It seemed so weird I would be leaving the next day. We decided to get together as a group one last time for dinner with Nicolas as our waiter at Siete Restaurant. Mike, Holly, Jody, Ime, Bob and Cindy (new patients there), Barbara and her husband and daughter came. A little while later Lisa and Jilene showed up. Lisa had just been to the Ophthalmologist to check on her eyes. Please pray for her. Her cancer is much more severe and it has really taxed her body immensely. We pray for her everyday.

Even though it was sad to leave we knew it was time. I will share a bit of my journey home next time along with the all powerful Sinuberase probiotic experience.

Romans 12:12

Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer;


Erin Merkley

March 6, 2023

March 3, 2023

Journal Entry by Erin Merkley

I wish I could express in words how much I have loved Hope 4 Cancer. Although cancer can be scary when you first get diagnosed, when you have options on treatment you have more peace especially knowing that your treatments are not going to cause damage to your body but rather strengthen it. The only pain I felt was the difficulty of the needles going in . They had to try in 4 different spot today to have one finally work and it was because I fasted but didn’t know I could drink water. I thought it was food and water.

I have built friendships here that I will never forget. Some of my favorite therapists have been Teresa ( we can talk about anything while we do localized hyperthermia)including Vikings and dance. Magni who always has a cheerful attitude and Flor who taught me Spanish and and made heart signs to me while in the hyperbaric chamber and also was the first one to do the Indiba therapy with me, Katia and Alberto are amazing nurses in the IV room who are so good to keep on top of things. They are always so good at doing my IV. Always giving instructions on where to go and what to do next.

Mary- the amazing nurse who does the massage with hydro colonics. She truly has a gift and she always gave me hugs and made me laugh. “I am number one!!”

Katie-the patient advocates specialist that makes sure I feel comfortable here, lets me know of my schedule and answers questions I have especially with the doctor. She is originally from Canada.

Doctor Mel- who is so aware of what I need to do to heal. He would come in throughout the week and ask me how I was doing just to check up on me.

Gustavo- the chef here who makes all the fabulous food and if we were still hungry gives us bags of nuts.

Demi- the pharmacist who also leads the morning worship service. We are going to sing together my last day of treatment.

I have been treated with such respect here and they care about you as a person not just another patient.

I need to back up a bit since I have had a couple really busy days. Thursday I met with the best practitioner for my second session on emotional healing. She drew more timelines to coordinate when cancer could creep up. Basically when my heart is not aligned and I don’t feel like myself it creates disturbances in the body. My mission was one of those moments. I suffered from immense anxiety and depression. I will get all my notes and be able to study more and have more sessions to fully address emotional issues at home. I also will get to have an acupuncture session with Leslie.

My doctor consult to go over my home program was a lot. The amount of supplements, therapies and information was a bit overwhelming but it also gave me peace because they are covering all bases to get me well. He went over my thermography results and said I need to get rid of toxins. It is a huge priority. Most of the toxins were found in my mouth. I am not surprised because of what normal dentists do to fix cavities and root canals. I’ve had a few of those and need to go to what is called a biological dentist. Normal dentists use mercury and other metals that leach toxins into your body and can enter the breast. There was a lot he went over including protocols and he gave us a huge file full of healthy recipes. Mike proceeded to already make me a schedule of when I take supplements and do therapies at home. Let’s just say I will be busy.

We also asked questions with the nutrition specialist. I don’t think I will be eating out or eating a typical meal but I will do whatever is needed to get better.

This entry is rushed because I have been so busy with consultations that I would get home late.

Hope you enjoy Mike the mermaid!

Alma 34:41

But that ye have patience, and bear with those afflictions, with a firm hope that ye shall one day rest from all your afflictions.


Erin Merkley

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February 6, 2023

Erin our thoughts and prayers go with you as you begin your treatment. May the Lord bless your doctors with inspiration and wisdom and May you receive the healing that will bless you and Mike and your children for many years to come. Aunt Mary Ann and Uncle Stan


January 25, 2023

Erin's amazing! Here's to a complete recovery!

Alan crawford

January 22, 2023

Love you, Erin. Uncle Brad.

Bradley King